Sunday, January 21, 2018

Macedonia naming dispute: Commentary by the KKE General Secretary Dimitris Koutsoumbas

In an interview to "Real FM" radio on Friday 19th January, the General Secretary of the CC of the KKE Dimitris Koutsoumbas was asked about the ongoing developments in the naming dispute between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Below you can read abstracts from D.Koutsoumbas' answers to the questions regarding this matter:

"It is clear that during this period, the Greek government and to a certain degree the government of Skopje as well, are facing powerful pressures for a solution in the naming issue, especially from the side of the USA and NATO. These powers are keen for the accession of FYROM in NATO because, as well know, the contradictions and competitions, especially in the Balkans, are very intense.

Large economic interests are clashing and Russia does not want to lose its influence that traditional has in the Balkan region and the USA are interested to abstract countries from Russia's influence and to integrate them in the so-called euroatlantic axis, NATO and the EU. […] For that reason, according to our opinion, the nomenclature is preceded disconnected from the other issues. Its not that the name issue is not an existing matter, but I think we must get out of this sterile nomenclature.

A firm position of the KKE since 1992 was that the term “Macedonia”- if used in the name of the neighboring republic- must have a strictly geographical determination and on the same time- thats is why we are saying that we must get away with nomenclature- particular importance must be given to guarantees, to prerequisites for a solution that will be far from irredentisms, nationalisms, chauvinisms; a solution which will defend the sovereign right of the country, away from borders changes.

(And) of course, according to the KKE, all these issues must be disconnected from the accession of the neighboring republic in NATO or in any other imperialist alliance. After all, these organisations, according to the KKE's historical experience and view, are the basic sources of “divide and conquer” in the region, of borders' redrawing, which of course can be done only through war, that is with the people's blood.

From this point of view we believe that nationalist demonstrations aren't necessary, as they were not necessary in 1992, especially today."

Regarding the irredentist aspirations of nationalist groups in Skopje, the General Secretary of the KKE underlined the importance of this matter for the Party.

The guarantees for our borders, the overall international borders of the Balkans, are the needed changes in the constitution of FYROM, that they must recognize- and guarantee -that there is no issue of macedonian minority. And I am saying this because that is the way to find out that there is not any kind of assertion towards our country or any other country. Under no circumstances should there be irredentist goals for a “Macedonia of the Aegean”.

We are also completely against- and that must be combined with tha name issue- the assignation of our relations with neighboring countries to powers like the USA, other powers of the EU and NATO which are responsible for the situation in the region, for the dissolution and the bombing of Yugoslavia, for the rise of nationalism, fascism, chauvinism. Of course, we are doubly concerned by the fact that the current Greek government moves towards the solution of the name-dispute under the pressure of NATO, for the quick accession of the former Yugoslav Republic in NATO's “wolves-alliance” on July.”

Source: / Translation: In Defense of Communism.