Friday, April 15, 2016

KKE Secretary Koutsoumbas: Tsipras government's negotiations are a badly-directed soap opera

Speaking today at the Parliament, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Dimitris Koutsoumbas unleashed a fierce attack against the government. In a parliamentary discussion about the formation of an investigation committee regarding bank loans granted to political parties, Secretary Koutsoumbas accussed the government of trying to disorientate the people from the real problems.

The rottenness of the system cannot be cured with committees and half-measures.

Among other things, KKE Secretary mentioned in his speech:

"From whom does Mr.Tsipras ask for help? From Hollande, who can't manage his own country... Millions of French people are on the streets, in strikes and mobilizations against the barbaric measures which Hollande's government takes there.

In total, this is another episode in the badly-directed soap opera of the negotiations. 

The discussion (here) is taking place "much ado about nothing"".

"Once again, the government tries to deceive the Greek people, having already agreed with the Quartet on the vast majority of the harsh measures".

"These are measures that serve only the recovery of the capitalist profits, from which the Greek people have nothing to gain and the only result will be to subject the people in sacrifices without ending and without any positive benefit for them. 

The SYRIZA-ANEL government, which was elected with the slogans of "memorandums' abolition", came today to the point, 15 months later, not only to apply the former memorandums of New Democracy and PASOK but, additionally, to sign one more...".

Really, what does "return to development" mean?
Does it mean that the 1,5 million unemployed people will get a job?
Does it mean that the 60% of the young people will get a job with a stable salary, working hours and related to their studies?
Really, what does "debt lightening" mean?
Does it mean that (the government) will give back the cut wages and pensions?

Our peoples' interest, walking on the path of the overthrow, is to put barriers to the anti-people downhill.

That's why we clearly say that the major issue in peoples' agenda must not be the agony of the bourgoisie and it's parties, but how to organize in the best possible way their struggle, in order to complicate the voting and application of the measures that the conclusion of the recent negotiation brings.

Every time that the governments- in the past the ones by New Democracy and PASOK, today the SYRIZA-ANEL one- were preparing the slaughtering of peoples' rights by applying a series of measures against people, they were using the disorientation, a blank kind of opposition, they were creating investigation commitees which would supposedly "go the whole hog", they were changing the agenda or trying to change the discussion agenda.

It is now certain that this trick has been used again and again; that this government isn't innovating".



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