Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Communists to run in Karl Marx hometown's election

Trier, Germany's oldest city, is famous for its ancient art treasures and monuments but, most of all, is the birthplace of the greatest philosopher of modern history; Karl Marx

More than 200 years since the birth of the father of scientific socialism, candidates from the German Communist Party (DKP) are going to participate in the local city council elections that are due to take place in June 9, 2024. 

Last week, the city's electoral committee confirmed that the DKP Trier had met all the requirements for running for election.

Philippe Drastik, a 30 year-old social worker who leads the DKP list, points out:  "We have already been able to use the collection of signatures for many discussions with the citizens of our city and have found that we have struck a chord with people with our election program".

“Of course we are aware that at the local level we won't be able to overcome capitalism, as the cause of exploitation, war and crisis. Nevertheless, we believe that an unyielding voice against privatization and speculation and for the preservation of social freedom can make a real difference for the people of Trier", the 30 year-old communist candidate adds. 

Other candidates of the DKP include 71-year-old Sigrid Sommer and 38 year-old Christian Lühr. “In general, we are committed to a city that is livable and, above all, child-friendly. The unconditional creation of daycare places is just as important as the expansion of gyms, playgrounds and sports fields. We want to make the city safer for cyclists", says Sommer. 

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