Thursday, April 18, 2024

#VoteCommunist: Communist Party of Britain contest 2024 local and Greater London Assembly elections

The Communist Party of Britain (CPB) is standing a range of candidates in this year’s local elections across England and for the Greater London Assembly, as part of the run up to a wider General Election campaign across Britain.

The following candidates will be running on the Party’s ticket for the upcoming council elections:

— Ben Clarke – Nelson Ward – Norwich City Council
— Mark Ewington – Sopwell Ward – St Albans Council
— Simon Brignell – Abbey Ward – Cambridge Council
— Ben Ughetti – Walkley Ward – Sheffield City Council
— Steve Handford – Heaton Ward – Newcastle City Council
— Connor Spence – Fallowfield ward – Manchester City Council
— Chris Neville – Weaste and Seedley ward – Salford City Council

The Party are also running 12 candidates on the list for the Greater London Assembly.

Working people across Britain face a capitalist crisis. In our communities were faced with poverty, crumbling public services and hopelessness. The Communist Party is here to put forward clear, pragmatic, socialist solutions.

The demands of all of our Party candidates reflect and are specific to the communities they are from and the struggles they are a part of.

But there are three key aims for all Communist Party candidates across Britain:

1. End cuts, austerity and the endless downward spiral.

2. Invest in jobs, housing, health, education and public services, invest in hope.

3. Reinvigorate local democracy and empower community campaigns.

Each of the Party’s candidates is putting forward bold, popular and progressive policies for their local area. Communists are clear that after decades of cuts, neglect and privatisation we have to rebuild our communities from the ground up.

The Communist Party has been undergoing an exciting period of growth across Britain in recent years. This electoral campaign is a sign of that progress and the fact that Communists don’t just have a proud past – we’re a party for the future.

We’re calling on voters not to settle for less at the ballot box this year or abstain in apathy and despair. We’re asking them to vote with confidence, to vote with hope and to vote to put forward a Communist voice for their community.

But our campaign doesn’t stop at the ballot box. Our priority is to build a mass movement across Britain based in our communities, workplaces and campuses to win real change.

For Britain’s Communists every day is polling day. Every day is an opportunity to win for working people.

These contests are part of a wider election campaign as we build toward the 2024 General Election campaign and our work in rebuilding a strong and vigorous communist movement across Britain.

For more information contact – Communist Party Communications Director, Johnnie Hunter: email –