Friday, March 3, 2023

Italy: Workers, students rally against the imperialist war and the transportation of weapons to Ukraine

Under the slogan “Put down the weapons, raise the wages”, thousands of dockworkers and students protested last week in Genoa and other cities in Italy against the imperialist war and the transportation of weapons to Ukraine.

A strike was declared and organized by USB (Unione Sindacale di Base) trade union, while multiple protests were also held in other cities, including Rome, Milan, Turin and Bologna. 
In Genoa's Port, the protesters, headed by CALP dockworkers marched carrying banners and flags, shouting slogans like “War against the war” and expressing their opposition to Italy's participation in NATO's imperialist plans.

Italian state's law 185/1990 regulates arms export, actually banning the export of weapons to countries that are involved in an armed conflict. However, in 2022 the government approved a Decree overruling the law thus allowing the supply of arms and ammunition to Ukraine.

Anti-imperialist demonstrations were also held by students and youth organizations on the occasion of the one year since the war in Ukraine. The rallies were attended, among others, by the Front of the Communist Youth (Fronte de la Gioventu Comunista) and the Communist Front (Fronte Comunista).

In a statement about the 1st anniversary of the NATO-Russia war in Ukraine, the Front of the Communist Youth points out:

“One year after the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the war that bleeds the heart of Europe reminds us that the competition between the capitalist powers threatens to drag the people of the world into the abyss. What is being waged in Ukraine is an imperialist war on both sides, both on the side of the Euro-Atlantic bloc (USA-EU-NATO) which bears enormous responsibility for the escalation, as well as on the side of capitalist Russia.

The war of bosses is fought in the name of idealistic proclamations but is based on very precise interests and is being paid always by the people, the workers, the exploited ones. Its being paid by those who are forced to leave their homes and experience the horrors of war firsthand, to those who bear the sacrifices imposed by the governments which are involved in the conflict, including the Italian one. Saying no to war without hesitation, promoting a class policy that makes the workers protagonists, is an inalienable objective which is at the basis of being communists.

No to the sending of weapons to Ukraine

No to the imperialist plans of NATO and Meloni Government

Italy out of the imperialist war!