Friday, March 3, 2023

Police shoot and kidnap Communist Party of Swaziland member Mvuselelo Mkhabela

On February 28th, Mswati's police shot Communist Party of Swaziland member Mvuselelo Mkhabela at close range as the regime's police invaded communities to enforce the unpopular sham election processes. 

The armed police contingent from Hlathikhulu police station was part of the deployment of the regime to enforce its unpopular rule to the people when they shot at him at around 1:00PM (CAT). 

Comrade Mvuselelo was badly shot at and dragged to the police van helplessly. He has been identified at Hlathikhulu Government Hospital. The police dumped him in the hospital and informed the hospital staff that they will come check him at night. 

Two senior police officers visited his ward to identify him. Subsequently, two plain clothed police came and took pictures of him . 

By 4:15PM (CAT), his exact medical status remained unknown. 

Comrade Mvuselelo Mkhabela (20) is one of the trusted organisers in his community, Hosea, and a member of the Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS). His unwavering activism against the Mswati autocracy has attracted the wrath of the police on him and the community. His community, on the other hand, remains firm in defending him and itself. 

This month, 8 February, Mvuselelo, together with another CPS member, Comrade Bongi Mamba, were abducted and heavily tortured by the police. Mvuselelo was later charged for organising protest actions in the community. He had been out on bail when the police again pounced on him today. 

Leading to the shooting and hospitalisation of Comrade Mvuselelo, at around 1:00PM today, the regime's secret mission, which targets church services and communities via the local chief when the majority of the people are absent, went on a rampage against community members who were protesting against Mswati's sham elections scheduled for this year to cement his rule. 

The chief of the area and his accomplice are responsible for hosting the political invasion and must be accountable for the part he played. 

The regime's obsession and desperation to impose its rule on the people of Swaziland is now a permanent danger which must not be ignored. 

This invasion's mission is to enforce the hated tinkhundla system to the lives of the people of our country. 

When the people reject the rule by force, state violence is unleashed targeting individuals who are enlisted as prime targets for their responsibilities in leading the mobilisation of communities for democracy and against the system of oppression. 

Mswati is responsible for all this violence and he will continue to do so as long as he enjoys any support from the international community, the governments and institutions embracing his rule even when it is a danger to human lives. 

The CPS calls upon the people of Swaziland to rise up and oppose this barbaric regime with all possible means necessary. This means there must be mass protests and total rejection of the regime, its rule, programmes and institutions in favour of a democratic dispensation that will guarantee peace and progress as opposed to the present-day political violence, economic destruction and social devastation. 

The people of Swaziland continue to fight for democracy in the face of a militarised system of oppression presided over by Mswati and his political elites. 

Our communities must maintain disciplined vigilance, day and night. 

The CPS continues to call for solidarity support for Comrade Mvuselelo for his unconditional release. We know that Mvuselelo's revolutionary consciousness and commitment to the just cause of the people of Swaziland has not wavered.