Thursday, March 2, 2023

In Solidarity with the Communist Party of Poland and Against Escalating Anti-Communism!

The Communist Party of Sweden (SKP) condemns the anti-communist and anti-democratic legislative changes which are set to enter into force in Poland on March 14. 
With the impending changes to the penal code, promoting a communist “totalitarian state system” will be punishable by up to three years in prison, and the same will apply to the spreading, selling or possession of texts or other material, or the carrying of communist symbols, with the same aforementioned aim of promoting communism. In addition, the new legislation equates communism with nazism and fascism. 
This legislative change is only the latest step in a long political process that has the criminalization of the communist opposition as its goal, in which the Communist Party of Poland and its newspaper have earlier been put on trial.

The repression against communists, and those who hold up a view of history which contradicts bourgeois anti-communist propaganda, is escalating on several fronts, in Poland and Ukraine as well as in Venezuela or the Czech Republic, to name some examples. The repression will only harden as capitalism sinks deeper into crisis, dragging with it the peoples’ living standards and making it ever harder to make ends meet, all the while monopoly capital reaps enormous profits.

The repressive laws in Poland, and everywhere, have their origins in the bourgeois class dictatorship’s needs and interests. Therefore the struggle must not only be directed against the bourgeoisie’s laws and legislative acts, but also against the class dictatorship and the capitalist world system as a whole.

The Communist Party of Sweden expresses its solidarity with the Communist Party of Poland and its support for their struggle against the bourgeois repression.

Long live the Communist Party of Poland!