Wednesday, March 2, 2022

KKE leader Koutsoumbas blasts PM Mitsotakis on Greece's involvement in Ukraine war

The government of the right-wing ND party with the support of the other bourgeois parties of the social-democratic “left” SYRIZA and the also social-democratic KINAL/PASOK proceeds with the deeper involvement of Greece in the ongoing imperialist war in Ukraine, always on the side of the USA–NATO–EU. This was apparent in the discussion between the leaders of the political parties in the Plenary Session of the Parliament on 1 March 2022.

In his speech, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, GS of the CC of the KKE, stressed, among other things, the following:
“Another drama, a tragedy is unfolding before our eyes targeting the peoples, women and children. This is another imperialist war and another war on European soil”.

Addressing the Greek Prime minister, he noted: “Mr Mitsotakis, during your recent meeting with the President of Democracy you stated and repeated today that, word by word, this is the first time since the Second World War that there was an organized and mass invasion of a European state!

"Are you serious, Mr Mitsotakis? What about the war in Yugoslavia? What about the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974?"
Are you serious, Mr Mitsotakis? What about the war in Yugoslavia? What about the NATO intervention in Yugoslavia in 1999, with the participation of the then Greek government of PASOK? By the way, since we heard the representative of PASOK/KINAL saying that the Helsinki Final Act was violated now for the first time, let me tell you that it was violated for the first time with the break up of Yugoslavia in 1999.

In addition, what about the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974? Weren't’ these wars and invasions on European soil? Not to mention the dozens of other wars and interventions in the wider region.

You reached the point —together with other forces— to silence the US-NATO crimes in Yugoslavia, Cyprus, and elsewhere only to support the NATO narrative regarding history in Eastern Europe.

Oh, the things we have heard these past days. Hypocrisy and Pharisaism abound!

Crocodile tears and statements ostensibly replete with indignation by NATO, USA, and EU representatives for the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine and the “inviolability of borders”!

We did not see them displaying the same sensitivity when they trampled on the territorial integrity of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

They used different pretexts back then.

[…] Unfortunately, everything you said proves that the involvement of Greece in the military conflict is direct and the risk for the Greek people, in the case of its generalization, is more than likely.
"Stop right now any involvement of Greece in this imperialist war that may have unforeseeable dimensions.”
That is why we are warning you: If you drag Greece into this imperialist conflict, you will bear criminal and historical responsibility towards the Greek people; both you as a government and all those before you that have put their signatures to NATO decisions and turned the country into a NATO launching pad and a military bridgehead.

Stop right now any involvement of Greece in this imperialist war that may have unforeseeable dimensions.”

D. Koutsoumbas referred to inter-imperialist competition focused on Ukraine. He highlighted the fact that the Euro-Atlantic powers in 2014 supported the unconstitutional overthrow of the then President and in continuation “launched pogroms of violence, intimidation, and murderous attacks on civilians who did not agree with Ukraine’s NATO membership. They are to blame for the massacre of 100 people in May 2014, in the so-called —internationally and in our country— Odessa “massacre”. [...] [...] Therefore, it is hypocritical for them to pretend that they do not know simply to serve the war propaganda in favour of NATO and the EU. Besides, we do not forget that all those who fought on the side of the Nazis in the Baltic countries and other former USSR countries have been legitimized and historically justified with the blessings of the EU. Various descendants of the SS death squads walk around freely, while communists and other anti-fascists in Ukraine are being persecuted.”

“It has not escaped our notice that Russia itself leads anti-communism today” underscored the GS of the CC of the KKE.

He referred to the inter-imperialist competition between those powers and the interventions for the spheres of influence, noting that “On the one hand, there is the USA, NATO, and the EU, which staged a despicable coup in Ukraine in 2014, supporting paramilitary mechanisms and Nazi organizations. On the other hand, there is Russia, which is promoting its own interests, taking Ukrainian territory, and currently militarily intervening in this country”.

He stressed that all Greek governments of ND, PASOK/KINAL, and SYRIZA have backed these NATO decisions and entangled our country in this dangerous competition. He called upon the peoples not to choose a camp “between two thieves” and added : […] A response in the interest of our people cannot be found in allying ourselves with one or the other imperialist pole.

The real dilemma today is not between the USA and Russia, the EU and Russia, or NATO and Russia.

The workers’–people’s struggle must chart an independent line, away from all bourgeois and imperialist plans.

As regards the Greek people, this struggle has nothing to do with the wish lists and platitudes made by the other parties, which are simply speaking for the sake of saying something, about a “peaceful solution”, “diplomacy”, and other nice-sounding but meaningless words. This struggle practically means the following:

- No participation - no involvement of Greece in the imperialist war in Ukraine or elsewhere, under any means or pretext.

- All military bases in our country utilized as launching pads of war must immediately be closed down.

- No Greek military corps should be sent to Ukraine, in countries bordering it, or other imperialist missions.

- The struggle for disengagement from various imperialist unions must be strengthened, with the people truly at the helm of power.

The KKE struggles with all its might so that the Greek people and other peoples eventually get rid of the system that only gives rise to poverty, exploitation, and wars.”