Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Sweden's Communist Party (SKP) denounces vandalism of its offices in Malmö

In a statement issued on Tuesday morning the Communist Party of Sweden (SKP) denounces the vandalism of its offices in the city of Malmö. The vandals graffitied the phrase “Weapons for the Ukrainian people” in the premises' entrance adding the anarchist symbol.

According to the Party's newspaper Riktpunkt the attack, which took place on Monday night, is a reaction to the SKP's consistent refusal to take sides in Ukraine's inter-imperialist conflict between the Euro-Atlantic forces and Russia. “In a war between thieves, we don't choose sides”, a party statement reads. 
The SKP adds that swedish weapons have ended up in the hands of Nazi battalions fighting in eastern Ukraine and asks: “Are these the Ukrainian people?”. The Party also mentions the fact that Ukrainian Nazis participate as regular forces in the Ukrainian Army backed by the Euro-Atlantic imperialism.

On the other hand, the Communist Party of Sweden refers to the role of capitalist Russia which defends the interests of her own monopolies. The Russian government “is not interested at all in defending the Russian minority in Donbass but uses these people for its own purposes, just as the Euro-Atlantic imperialism conducts its own propaganda”, the SKP statement reads.

The attack against the party offices comes in a period when the SKP is about to enter a costly election campaign and such actions unfortunately place additional weight to the expenses. Therefore the Party asks all those who want to help the political effort to donate money by using the following information.

PG: 421 53 84-1
BG: 636-7080
Swish: 123 557 00 15