Sunday, November 8, 2020

KKE General Secretary on U.S. Presidential election: "Trump has lost but the policy that serves imperialism is here"

Joe Biden is officially the President-elect of the United States after beating incumbent President Donald Trump in the November 3rd elections. 
Commenting on the outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election, the General Secretary of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Dimitris Koutsoumbas pointed out that those who cultivate false expectations about a positive role of Biden's Presidency will be refuted, he reminded the war record of Democratic U.S. Presidents and called for a stronger opposition against American imperialism. 

More specifically, the statement of Dimitris Koutsoumbas is as follows:

"The reactionary Trump administration may have lost the U.S. election, but what is certain is that the policy that serves the interests of the U.S. ruling class and the bloodthirsty American imperialism has not been defeated.

Those who, here in Greece, cultivate false expectations that through this rotation there can be a radical policy change towards the American people or in the U.S. foreign policy, will be very soon refuted.

After all, the memories of “Democratic” U.S. Presidents who unleashed wars and interventions in Yugoslavia, the Middle East, etc, who dissolved states, bled the people but also attacked the workers' rights in the U.S and resorted to authoritarianism and repression, are very fresh.

Consequently, the assessments heard by governmental and other political circles in Greece that the Biden Presidency can allegedly have a positive reflection in the Greek-Turkish relations, are disorienting and dangerous. The commitment of the new U.S. President to NATO's cohesion is not a factor of security, but the “Number 1” danger for the people of the region and Greece's sovereign rights.

Therefore, the people's opposition to American imperialism and the internationalist solidarity towards the American people and other peoples is today even more important."