Monday, November 23, 2020

Greek communist MP asks to be relieved of Parliament duties in order to serve as a doctor against the pandemic

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) MP and pulmonologist Giorgos Lambroulis asked Parliament to temporarily relieve him from his duties as one of eight vice presidents of the body, so that he may help out his region Larissa, central Greece, in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a letter to President Konstantinos Tasoulas released Monday, Lambroulis, a doctor in the National Health System (ESY), criticized Greek governments for ignoring chronic shortages in the health sector, and called on fellow-MPs who are doctors to follow his example. "My place is with my fellow doctors and nursing staff that are fighting under adverse conditions to care for the people, in the public health sector of Larissa," he said.
Citing his letter, the KKE called on independent private sector doctors as well to help out by joining the National Health System, making particular mention of "friends and members of the party, particularly doctors, to lead in this struggle."

Besides demanding mass hiring of staff, the requisition of the private sector, and fighting against the government's failed health policies, "individual contribution and service is critical," KKE said.

The health system has been under immense pressure, particularly in central and northern Greece, with daily rising numbers of admissions, particularly patients who need to go on ventilators. 

Despite numerous calls from the KKE, the conservative government of New Democracy (ND) has denied to proceed to the immediate requisition - without compensation - of private sector clinics and hospitals.