Monday, November 23, 2020

Youth in Survival Against Pandemic and Capitalism: SOCIALISM or BARBARISM

Twenty European Communist Youth Organizations have gathered on the 103rd anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution at the “Online Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations to Share Experiences” and exchanged their experiences about the struggle of the youth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, working people all around the world are envisaging numerous attacks against their rights. Their right to healthcare is getting vandalized by capitalist governments who are promoting private health industry instead of public healthcare. 
Their right to education is underestimated because of policies that lack planning, work in favor of private education as an economic sector and dedicate insufficient funds for public schools. Their rights to housing, culture, and sports are also facing similar attacks. These problems are not new and are not initiated by the COVID-19. As they had already reached a serious extent, the role that the pandemic played has been to expose them even more clearly.

While capitalist countries failed to deliver the necessities for a humane and healthy life to their people, the great success of Cuba, a country under USA blockage for almost 62 years since the Revolution, is bringing hope to our struggle.

Communist Youth Organizations around Europe are struggling against anti-people policies that governments adopted after the outburst of the pandemic and denouncing all of the attacks that are being made with the excuse of the pandemic to aggravate exploitation. They reject the impasse imposed to the working class and youth: Working under poor sanitary conditions or starving within the ranks of the unemployed. They demand that the state budget is used for the contemporary needs of the working people but not for saving or further enriching the capitalist monopolies. They call upon the youth to rise up against the bourgeois efforts to put the burden of the economic capitalist crisis on the shoulders of the working class.

On the anniversary of the October Revolution and in the middle of a fierce pandemic, while competition among imperialists is getting deeper and deeper, the undersigned European Communist Youth Organizations will strengthen their solidarity and stand still in their determination that the only path to carry humanity away from today’s economic and health crisis is socialism.

  •     Young Socialists of the Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia
  •     United Democratic Youth Organisation, EDON
  •     Communist Youth Union, KSM
  •     Movement of Young Communists of France
  •     Socialist German Workers Youth, SDAJ
  •     Young Communist League of Britain
  •     Communist Youth of Greece, KNE
  •     Connolly Youth Movement, CYM
  •     Front of Communist Youth, FGC
  •     Communist Youth Movement, CJB
  •     Portuguese Communist Youth, JCP
  •     Union of Socialist Youth, UTS         
  •     Leninist Communist Youth Union of Russian Federation, LKSM RF
  •     Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolsheviks), RKSMb
  •     Young Communist League of Yugoslavia, SKOJ
  •     Spain Collectives of Young Communists, CJC
  •     Communist Youth Union of Spain, UJCE
  •     Communist Youth of Catalonia, JCC
  •     Communist Youth of Turkey, TKG
  •     Communist Youth of Austria, KJÖ