Wednesday, September 23, 2020

2020 Vermont Elections: Communist candidate Chris Helali steals the show at election debate

Christopher Helali, the communist-backed candidate for U.S. Representative for Vermont's at-large congressional district, had an impressive performance at the recent online debate hosted by

With reasonable arguments, Helali touched the core of the issues and delivered the message that the only viable choice for the working class and the popular strata is the abolition of the capitalist system. 

Being the first communist candidate who participates in a major U.S. election since 1984, Helali expresses a consistent pro-worker, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist voice that is very much needed in U.S. politics. The working class, the farmers, the youth of the state of Vermont have every reason to vote for the Party of Communists, USA (PCUSA) candidate on November 3rd in order to strengthen their own voice against the ruling capitalist elite that dominates U.S. politics. 

In his closing comment, Helali pointed out: 

"Capitalism has failed the working class, it has failed workers and farmers in Vermont and around the United States. What we need to do: We need to end the wars, we need to close all the foreign military bases, we need to abolish NATO, we need to nationalize all major industries and seize the means of productions for the people. We need free healthcare, free childcare and free education from pre-k to doctoral level. 
We need to end the sanctions, the illegal and immoral sanctions against Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe, the DPRK and all the other countries that we put a boot on around the world. I say no to a new cold between us and Russia and China. The same people who led us into the war in Iraq are now pushing the anti-China hysteria, the anti-Russia hysteria, all of these things. We need to end support for the apartheid state of Israel and we need a free Palestine. 
I believe now more than ever that the working class must rise up, must throw away these parties of capitalism and war and abolish the system we have and create a new one, for workers' democracy."

You can watch the full discussion on the following link:

Except from Christopher Helali, the other candidates who participated in the debate were: Peter Welch (Incumbent, Democratic Party), Miriam Berry (Republican Party), Peter Becker (Independent), Marcia Horne (Independent), Jerry Trudell (Independent). 

Here are excerpts from Christopher Helali’s answers on several issues including State Budget, Healthcare, BLM Movement, Democracy, Climate Change: