Friday, September 18, 2020

Venezuela: The Communist Party denounces the illegal dismissal of trade unionist by state company

The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) publically denounces the unjustified and illegal dismissal of the local leader and worker of the state-owned CVG Carbonorca company, Sergio Requena, who is also a candidate for the Popular Revolutionary Alternative (APR) to the National Assembly in circuit 2 of Bolivar State. 

From the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), we join the voices of solidarity and support that come in floods from within the Venezuelan labour and popular movement to condemn the unfair and illegal dismissal to which the Comrade Sergio Requena, national coordinator of the Productive Workers' Army (EPO), are being subjected to by CVG Carbonorca, a state-owned company located in Guayana City, Bolivar State, where you are Workplace Director by decision and democratic election of workers. 

If this unfair and illegal dismissal is formalised, the management of CVG Carbonorca would not only be assaulting a revolutionary political leader, but also violating the Organic Labour Law, the Executive Decree on Labour Immobility and the existing guarantees for those who exercise the status of Workplace Directors, since there are no justifiable causes for dismissal and, therefore, it is a decision that violates the process established in Venezuelan labour legislation. 

Likewise, since there is no justifiable cause for dismissal, it would be shown to be an action which violates the political rights inherent in Sergio Requena status as the principal candidate to the National Assembly in Circuit 2 (Caroní Municipality) for the Popular Revolutionary Alternative (APR), in the unitary formula expressed on the card of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), that of the Red Rooster. 

For these reasons, the PCV joins the voices which condemn this action, being as it is an attempt to exert pressure and intimidate to Sergio Requena, so that desist from his decision to participate in the next elections to the National Assembly in his capacity as a political leader who expresses the interests of the working class and the working people. 

In the face of such a damnable fact, we demand that the government, headed by the citizen President Nicolás Maduro, order the immediate correction of such an unfair decision and restore your status as a worker at the service of CVG Carbonorca. 

From the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), we reiterate our decision and commitment to continue to struggle for a revolutionary way out of the crisis of Venezuelan dependent and renter capitalism, for which we are committed to building the Popular Revolutionary Alternative (APR) in conjunction with various political and social organisations as a reference point for the struggles of the Venezuelan people and working class in the face of imperialist aggression and reformism. 

On this path, we will face a diversity of pitfalls to try to break our firm will to continue the construction of the trench in defence of the rights of the working people of the city and the countryside, and for a sovereign and socialist-communist nation. 

Alongside dear Comrade Argimiro Gabaldón we say: "The road is hard, very hard, but it's the way." 

Resist Fight and Defeat with the workers at the fore! PCV with the People, Building Hope!