Monday, March 9, 2020

Dimitris Koutsoumbas on refugee crisis: "Dublin Regulation, EU-Turkey deal must be abolished"

The General Secretary of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Dimitris Koutsoumbas gave an interview to “Real News” newspaper where, among other things, he refered to the ongoing refugee situation in the Greek-Turkish borders. Below you can read the excerpts of his answers:

“There is no greatest depravity than using uprooted, tortured people for your own aspirations, like Erdogan does, who blackmails for more support by the EU and NATO for his intervention in Northern Syria as well as in his other plans. For that reason, the needed protection of the borders can neither target the refugees nor acquitting EU and NATO which uproot people and have led to the entrapment of thousands of refugees in the Aegean islands and in Evros, thus playing Erdogan’s game. And certainly it cannot be utilized for the emboldenment of reactionary, racist voices”.

In the question whether or not he “fears that the situation can get out of control either in Evros or in the islands”, the KKE General Secretary pointed out:

“In order to make sure that the situation won’t get out of control with unforseen consequences for all – both the region’s inhabitants and the refugees and migrants – the Dublin Regulation and the EU-Turkey Agreements must be abolished. In fact, we have proposed the organisation of asylum procedures by the EU and the UN within Turkey, as well as in borders with Greece and Syria and direct movement of refugees to the countries of their destination. Those, therefore, who participated in the creation of the problem – I refer to the EU – must solve it with equal distribution of refugees in the member-states. Under today’s circumstances these demands are more than necessary.”

When questioned about about the Greek government’s initiative to mobilize the EU in order to exercise pressure on Erdogan, Koutsoumbas said:

“It is not a problem to make all the needed notifications, diplomatic efforts, etc. However, the problem is the policy of the EU itself which transforms our country into a “warehouse of souls”, while on the other side she “winks her eye” to Erdogan for his invasion in Syria, thus giving him the opportunity to play games with the refugees. Therefore, instead of showing its “bravado” to the refugees and the islanders who disagree, the (Greek) government should put the blame to its euroatlantic allies and their policy which, like its predecessor Tsipras’ government, obeys."