Wednesday, May 8, 2019

"The situation in the Eastern Mediterranean is dangerous"- Statement by the KKE

The Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in its statement on the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean notes:
"The situation in the Eastern Mediterranean is dangerous. This is clear due to the violation of Cyprus' EEZ by the Turkish drilling ship "Fatih" and the search and rescue ship "Barbaros", the threats of the Turkish government regarding Cyprus and the Aegean, as well as due to the intensification of the criminal Israeli aggression against Palestine and its bombing of Gaza.
The KKE has warned about the situation in the region for a long time. It highlighted the fact that the celebrations of the bourgeois parties around the exploitation of the hydrocarbons hides the big "picture" from the peoples, which is the intensification and sharpening of the antagonisms of the bourgeois classes and energy colossi that are coming into conflict and lead to interventions and wars with energy as the "apple of discord".
The facts demonstrate the dangers of the myth cultivated by forces in Greece and Cyprus that allegedly the USA, NATO, the EU, the "tripartite" alliances in the region will put a brake on Turkish aggressiveness. This has never happened. At this moment, hard bargaining is underway that will have the peoples as the victims.
The claims about "trust measures" , which SYRIZA celebrated, aim to mislead the people, as well as the draft law put to the US Congress by Senator Menendez, that allegedly aim to impede the provocativeness of the Turkish bourgeoisie. Just as we can see the emptiness of the statements of the EU and its various institutions that dissipate before the ink is even dry. In any case the EU treats Turkey as a strategic partner on behalf of the European monopolies.
We also know that the GS of NATO is visiting Turkey in order to strengthen its relations with NATO, while the USA is striving to keep Turkey as its ally by all means possible.
The people must trust their experience, to understand that the EU-NATO framework not only does not safeguard peace and security for the peoples, but inside this framework the occupation of 40% of Cyprus is maintained, the thousands of violations in the Aegean, the disputation of sovereign rights and borders in Greece and Cyprus.
The SYRIZA government is exposed, because it is always lulling the people into a false sense of security, entangles the country deeper into the imperialist antagonisms, for interests alien to the people and presents the shameful Prespes Agreement, cooked up for the needs of NATO, as a recipe for the Aegean and Cyprus. However, the solution and the way out for our people and the other peoples of the region is to be found in coming into conflict with the bourgeois classes, the EU, the NATO and their governments".