Thursday, May 9, 2019

Declaration of the KKE for the 74 years since the Great Anti-Fascist Victory of the People

In an announcement for the 74 years since the Great Anti-fascist Victory of the peoples, the Press Bureau of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) notes:

The anniversary of May 9, 74 years since the end of World War II, is not"Europe Day", as it has been unhistoricallyattempted to be established in the last few years by the representatives of this reactionary structure. It is the Day of the Great Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples, the immortal epic of the Soviet Red Army and the Resistance movements of Europe, with the vanguard and decisive role of the Communist Parties.

The KKE pays tribute to those who fought with a gun in their hand, those sacrificed themselves, those who were tortured, imprisoned, exiled, all those who acted in any way against the Nazi-fascist imperialist “Axis” of Germany – Italy – Japan and their allies.

The KKE is proud to be the soul, the life-blood and guide of the heroic struggle of EAM(National Liberation Front), ELAS(Greek People’s Liberation Army), EPON (Unified National Youth Organization)and other EAM organizations. Throughout the period of the triple occupation, the KKE gave its most precious children to the struggle against Nazism – fascism. Its thousands of members, with their heroic action and sacrifice, wrote some of the most brilliant pages of its 100-year history, contributed to the victorious outcome of the war.

World War II, as well as World War I, was the result of imperialist competitions for the redistribution of the markets, which were sharpened under conditions of capitalist crisis. This reconfirms the fact that when the contradictions of the monopolies to control markets and their profitability cannot be resolved by fragile compromises within the framework of an imperialist "peace", they are resolved by war.

This is why today the peoples must be vigilant, especially in our region, the Mediterranean and the Middle East region, where the imperialists are at conflict, with the wealth-producing resources and energy routes being“the bone of contention”. Today, the SYRIZA government, playing the filthy role of the US geopolitical "hinge", transforms the country into a vast US-base and promotes the dangerous NATO and EU plans in the framework of their competition with other powerful capitalist countries.

May 9th, the day of the Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples, despite the reactionary and unscientific efforts by EU to rename it to "Europeday", will forever remind us that the USSR gave the decisive blow to the Nazimonster, having more than 20 millionlosses, while the victorious capitalist countries of World War I provided significant assistance to Nazi Germany in order to exploit it as a striking force against the Soviet Union.

The victorious battles of the Red Army in Stalingrad, Kursk, Leningrad, Berlin, and finally the defeat of Nazism were possible because of the superiority of the socialist system, the workers' power, the advantages of the socializationof the means of production and the central planning of the economy. Thanks to these advantages, the Soviet Union was able to become a powerful economic force and create an efficientRed Army.

The EU, which has included in its official ideology the unacceptable "theory of extremes", the equation of the Nazi monster with communism, is leading in anticommunism and the falsification of history. In former socialist countries such as Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, with the EU support, Communist Parties and symbolsare outlawed, the SS collaborators are honoredand historical monuments of the Anti-fascist Victoryare demolished.

These are the "founding values of the EU",which SYRIZA, ND and all the parties of the "Europeanone-way path"hold in their highest regard. SYRIZA seeks to establish its "progressive alliances", supposedly to face the rise of the extreme right and nationalism in the EU, with these forces that smashworkers’-people’s rightsin their countries, support coups and participate in imperialist interventions in the Middle East and NorthAfrica,making the peoplesbleed and sharpening the issue of refugees.

The history of the Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples, of World WarII as a whole, indisputablyproves that Nazism - fascism is born and bred of the capitalist system itself. Besides, Hitler ascended to power with the support of German and other monopolies. It also proves that only the working-class movement, which aims for workers’ power, can effectively deal with and eradicate fascism, isolate such forces, as the Nazi Golden Dawn and its criminal actionin our country. That forces serving the rotten system – NATO - the EU, practicing anti-popular policies in the name of "progress", showing tolerance to fascist action, cannot guarantee the struggle against fascism.

May 9th inspires the peoples, teaches them to have faith in their power. They can and must try this power, through their struggle and organization, to get rid of anti-popular measures and prolonged memoranda, unemployment and exploitation.

We continue to firmly believe that socialism is necessary and timely, it is the only answer to the barbaric capitalist system which bears and nourishes Nazism - fascism, causes poverty, wars and refugees, for the benefit of the profits of the few.