Monday, May 6, 2019

PAME: The SYRIZA government washes its hands in the blood of the children of Palestine

On the occasion of the new strikes of the Israeli military forces against Gaza, the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) issued the following statement, strongly condemning the new bombings and accusing the SYRIZA government for being an accomplice in the crime:

PAME condemns the new, murderous raids of Israel against the Palestinian People.

The murderer-State of Israel went on a new escalation of its aggressiveness against Gaza and held dozens of raids the last days, which resulted in dozens killed.

The dangerous developments in Palestine are the result of the plans being prepared by the USA-NATO-EU slaughterhouses and the governments that support the Israeli government and its murderous work, even by equating the murderer with the victim or claiming they keep equal distances.

Israel illegally occupies Palestinian territories. It has imposed a racist apartheid regime. It robs the wealth of the Palestinian land and kills the Palestinian people who struggle for their lives.

The cold-blooded murder of the Palestinian people reveals the pre-election narratives of the SYRIZA government about supposedly «progressive, anti-right» fronts. The new murderous attacks are made by order of the far-right Prime Minister Netanyahu, a friend and «honored partner» of Tsipras, and the support of the «diabolically good» Trump. While the Israeli bombers attacking Gaza are being trained in Greece!

The «stability» of the Eastern Mediterranean, the «businesses» advertised by the SYRIZA government, are watered with the blood of the children of Palestine.

 We call on all Workers’ Federations, Regional Unions and Trade Unions to condemn the murder of the Palestinian people and express their Solidarity by demanding

Immediate implementation of the decision of the Greek Parliament in 2015 to recognize the Palestinian State.

Stop the joint military exercises as well as the political, economic and military cooperation of Greece with Israel, which continues and deepens by the SYRIZA government.