Monday, August 27, 2018

John McCain: An imperialist warmonger and Nazi-collaborator

The notorious war hawk U.S. Senator and former Presidential candidate John McCain has died. The bourgeois political system in the United States and the corporate mass media have already started their campaign to whitewash McCain, presenting him as a “hero” and a “patriot”. 

From George W. Bush to Senator Bernie Sanders and from Barack Obama to Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, the bourgeois establishment is glorifying the Arizona Senator, presenting him as “a man of decency and honor” (Sanders) and “a patriot of the highest order”.

The plain truth is that McCain was nothing more than a loyal servant of imperialist brutality; an unrepentant bloodthirsty warmonger who fueled murderous U.S. wars that led to the deaths of millions of people around the world.

Senator McCain was a staunch proponent of U.S. imperialist interventions. Since 2013, he had publicly called for U.S. military intervention to at least 13 countries: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Kosovo, Nigeria, Bosnia, North Korea, Iran, Russia, Sudan, Mali, China.

A milestone of his involvement in international politics was his collaboration with the neo-Nazi regime of Ukraine. In 2013, Senator McCain went to Kiev in order to support the political descendants of Nazi-collaborator Stepan Bandera. He even shared the stage of a far-right rally in Kiev's Maidan Square with Ukrainian anti-semitic, neo-fascists Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Oleh Tyahnybok. Their party, Svoboda, is the formerly known as “Social National Party of Ukraine” which had a swastika-like logo.

Kiev, 2013- Senator McCain meets with neo-Nazis Yatsenyuk (left) and Tyahnybok.
McCain speaking during a far-right, pro-fascist rally in Kiev's Maidan Square
For a psychotic anti-communist (In the 1980s McCain had been member of the advisory board of the far-right “World Anti-Communist League”) the collaboration with the neo-Nazis of Ukraine was something natural. A year ago, in 2017, the Arizona Senator met in Washington DC with Andriy Parubiy, a neo-Nazi extremist and poltically repulsive demagogue who has been the Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament since the 2014 US-backed coup in the country. Along with McCain, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Paul Ryan also met with Parubiy.

John McCain meeting with neo-Nazi extremist Andriy Parubiy in Washington DC.
Apart from a collaborator of Ukraine's neo-Nazis, McCain had been a partner with Syria's so-called “Syrian opposition”. He publicly promoted the anti-Assad “Free Syrian Army” (the “brave fighters” as he had called them) thus paving the way for the consequent bloodshed in Syria and the US-EU military intervention. During a visit to Syria in 2013, the “American patriot” posed with CIA-backed Salafi extremists, including a “rebel” involved in the kidnapping of 11 Lebanese Shia civilians.

Senator McCain with his partners, the CIA-backed terrorists of the "Free Syrian Army".
Senator McCain was a despicable racist. The man who actively participated in the U.S. imperialist slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese civilians, never renounced his racist beliefs. In 2000, during a discussion with reporters aboard his campaign bus, McCain had insulted the people of Vietnam by saying: "I hate the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live”. However, it was McCain and his co-soldiers who had invaded Vietnam, killing thousands of innocent people in order to promote the U.S. government's imperialist plans in South East Asia. Apparently, the arrogant Senator just couln't forgive the heroic Vietcong guerrillas for kicking his imperialist ass out of their country...

Let us remind another incident, indicative of McCain's arrogance and deep hatred towards anti-war movement. When peace activists had protested against war criminal Henry Kissinger in the U.S. Senate in 2015, Senator McCain intervened, shouting at them: “Get out of here, you low life scum”. Someone should have told him that the only “low life scums” in the room were himself and the mass murdered called Kissinger.

The working people, the poor workers in the United States, haven't single reason to mourn for a warmongering criminal like McCain. People like McCain, who have dedicated their life and career to the protection and promotion of the exploiting capitalist system, do not deserve any sympathy from the people.

But, we must not make the mistake to rejoice for the biological end of a man. After all, the exploitative system, the imperialist barbarity which McCain served throughout his life, continues to exist. The real rejoice and redemtion will come when the rotten capitalist system- which produces “McCains”, “Clintons” and “Trumps”- will be destroyed, once and forever.