Sunday, August 19, 2018

Capitalism in Russia: More than 2 million young people neither work nor study

The results of a recent research conducted by the Higher School of Economics are devastating. More than 2 million young Russians aged 15 to 24 years are not engaged in work or study, writes the liberal newspaper "Kommersant"This number represents about 15% of all Russian youth of this age.

Researchers attribute young people excluded from employment and education to the NEET group (Not in Employment, Education or Training - people who do not work and do not study). This group is divided into two parts: NEET-unemployed - those who are looking for work and ready to start it, and NEET-inactive - those who do not study, have no job and are not looking for it (including those who are unemployed for health reasons and caring about other members of the family).

The share of NEET representatives in small settlements is higher than in large ones. So, among the youth of Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2000-2016, it was 3-11%, among young Russians living in smaller cities and rural areas - 5-14%.Among men, the share of NEET-unemployed is usually higher (6-11% compared to 4-8% for women). Among women, the share of NEET is economically inactive (9% among women versus 4% among men).

On average, on the territory of the EU countries, the share of young people with this status is about 13%. Russia is close to this average European indicator: the level of NEET among Russian youth aged 20-24 years (17%) was close to those of countries such as Poland (20%), Estonia (16%) and Belgium (18%).

That is what is taking place under capitalism. Let us remind that during the socialist construction years, in the Soviet Union, the issue of - free of any charge- study and permanent employment had been solved for the young people.