Monday, March 5, 2018

Turkey: Women call for March 8 protest in Istanbul - No to exploitation, reactionism and sexual abuse

As soL international reports, women from the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) have issued an invitation to people for a protest on March 8th in Istanbul. 

"We are calling on every woman to strengthen the struggle for socialism for a life in an enlightened Turkey where women will be equal parties right from the beginning, instead of a life in capitalism that is the origin of inequality, reactionary oppressions and threats" reads their statement for March 8 demonstrations.

The statement noted that women are forced to work for lower salaries and are exposed to discrimination in Turkey and around the world. Half of the women are employed informally and precariously while only one-thirds of women are able to work in Turkey, the statement added.

The statement also reminded women are raped every four hours in Turkey, and one in every three women were exposed to violence while the punishment of perpetrators is abated for good conduct.

"We don't want to live under capitalism which can provide us neither equality or justice, nor freedom. We want to work on equal grounds, to freely stroll without necessitating any protection, to decide on our own whether to become moms or how to live", the communist women said in their statement.

Communist women called on women to say "no to exploitation, reactionism and sexual abuse" in the protest to be held in Kadıköy, Istanbul on March 8.