Sunday, March 18, 2018

Russian Elections: Putin will prevail - No candidate challenges capitalist barbarity

Today is elections day in Russia and two things are absolutely certain: 1. Vladimir Putin will be easily re-elected President and 2. None of the presidential candidates challenges the capitalist way of production. 

According to the latest polls, Mr.Putin is going to be re-elected with a high percentage, 57-70% of the votes. In the elections of 2012 he was elected with 63,6% of the votes. 

Putin is the undisputed winner of the elections. His rivals include the candidate of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), businessman Pavel Grudinin, the veteran ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky of the Liberal Democratic Party, the former reality show tv host Ksenia Sobchak (Civil Initiative), Grigory Yavlinsky of the centre-right Yabloko, Boris Titov of the "Party of Growth", Sergey Baburin (Russian All-Peoples Union) and Maxim Suraykin (Communists of Russia). 

None of the electoral programs of the eight candidates challenge the capitalist way of production that the country follows since the overthrow of socialism and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Even the 20-step program of CPRF's candidate Pavel Grudinin is based on the social democratic perception of the "social state".

Therefore, its is clear that the Russian people have to choose between candidates and parties that do not question the country's capitalist way of development. 

Natalia Lisitsyna
The Russian Communist Workers Party (RCWP), through the broader coalition of Russian United Labour Front (RotFront), had nominated crane operator worker Natalia Lisitsyna during the party congress on 21 December 2017 in St. Petersburg. 

The Central Elections Committee (CEC) delayed the announcement of her candidacy for 13 days thus creating immense difficulties in the collection of the needed 100,000 signatures which would approve her participation in the elections. 

Although the Party collected 110,000 signatures, only 90,000 were sent to CEC after an intentional delay by the post services which failed to send on time the remaining 10,000.