Thursday, January 25, 2018

Lech Walesa wakes up in a “fascist” Poland

Almost three decades after the prevalence of counterrevolution in Poland, Lech Walesa realizes some of the monstrous results of capitalism's restoration. The co-founder and first head of the renowed anticommunist “Solidarity” trade union, stated in his Twitter post on January 23 that fascist organizations really exist in Poland.

We have fascism in Poland. Those are not just some incidents,as Jarosław Kaczyński (chairman of the ruling right-wing Law and Justice party), Mateusz Morawiecki (Polish PM), and PiS are trying to portray them. Instead of decisively tackling this problem, they just talk about it,” –wrote Walesa.

According to Rossa Primavera News Agency, a video broadcasted on TVN24 news channel shows TV-journalists infiltrating a neo-Nazis’ meeting and filming on a hidden camera their celebration of Hitler’s birthday. The video also shows the participants changing into Nazi uniforms, performing the Nazi salute, glorifying Hitler.

However, the rise of fascism in Poland isn't a new thing. The prevalence of counterrevolution and the restoration of the capitalist system were followed by years of anticommunist-antisoviet, nationalist propaganda supported by the bourgeois Polish governments and the EU. Along with the impoverishment of the working class, the capitalist restoration led to the steady fascistization of broad parts of Poland's society.

Fascist groups marching in Warsaw.
It is characteristic that, during the last years, communist symbols are prohibited and the members of the Communist Party of Poland face persecutions and numerous legal obstacles due to their beliefs. At the same time, fascist and neo-Nazi groups – with the support of the authorities- organize rallies in Warsaw, spreading the poison of racism, hate and bigotry. An example of such a rally was the one organized by fascist and far-right groups last November.

Lech Walesa must not be surprised at all. He has played his own role in creating the fascist “frankenstein” that has emerged in Poland. Walesa's counterrevolutionary activity during the 1980s- with the generous support of U.S. imperialism and the Catholic Church- laid the foundations of fascism's rise within Polish society. If Walesa wants to see one of the culprits for today's situation, he has nothing else to do but look in the mirror.