Wednesday, December 6, 2017

General Strike on December 14th in Greece - Workers to give a powerful response to SYRIZA government

Last week in Greece, the working class witnessed a series of incidents that showed a strong escalation of state oppression and employers' intimidations against workers
The workers of supermarkets in Ioannina, the students and the workers of the Universities, outside the Ministry of Education, but also the protesters in the courts against the banks auctioning off peoples’ homes, were not the first to suffer persecutions, arrests, violent repression and tear gas.
The over 18 months unpaid workers of the super markets of Ioannina who struggle for their right to work and their salaries, the students who in the year 2017 literally demand a decent meal and the workers who protect their homes, were within a few hours targeted by the SYRIZA-ANEL government.
Intimidation in the workplace with threats, blackmails, repression and arrests, the planned attack against the right to go on strike and trade union action, as well as the public prosecution of the anti-auction mobilizations, are key aspects of the doctrine of “law and order” and are an indispensable ingredient to the so-called "fair development" that the government is promoting to support the business groups with money and privileges.
PAME, the class trade union movement does not fear the threats and repression. We strengthen the resistance in every industry and workplace, we unite them in a general confrontation with the employers and the government, with the exploitation system that crashes our lives. Only the power of the organization, of the struggle against the escalating anti-workers policy can create obstacles to the attack of the business groups and the government of SYRIZA-ANEL, to the escalation of the state violence and employers' intimidations.
Our response must be given with the massive participation of the working people in the national general strike on December 14th.