Thursday, June 22, 2017

"NATO Killers Go Home": Trade Unions to raise their voice against imperialism in Thessaloniki

Large banner on the facade of the Thessaloniki
Labour Center calls for participation in the events.
The All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) continues the initiatives of common, unified workers’ struggle against NATO, against imperialism, its wars and interventions. After a series of international events, PAME is organizing a two-day event of Anti-War, Anti-Imperialist Action of Trade Unions of the Balkan and neighboring area.
Monday and Tuesday, June 19-20 were days of massive campaign in the workplaces against imperialism. Especially, as June 20 is the World Refugee Day, and Action Day of the European Regional Office of the WFTU in Solidarity with the Refugees, Against NATO and Imperialism. In this context there were visits to Refugee Camps and hosting facilities
PAME Executive Secretariat, on Monday, June 19, held a Press Conference to inform on the Program and aims of the 2 Day Anti-Imperialist Activities of PAME, the international support and its charter of demands. 
On June 24 a National Demonstration against the NATO headquarters in the area will take place at Thessaloniki's Aristotelous Square, with the participation of unions from all over Greece and neighboring countries.
On June 25 PAME will host in Thessaloniki International Trade Union Meeting under the slogan “With The Workers Of All Countries, For A World Without Exploitation, Wars, And Refugees”. Till today, have confirmed their participation the following unions:
  •  World Federation of Trade Unions
  • Syria-General Federation of Trade Unions
  • Cyprus-PEO
  • Cyprus-KTOEOS
  • Serbia-SLOGA
  • Turkey-Birlesik Metal Is
  • Turkey-Nakliyat Is
  • Turkey-Toley Is
  • Egypt- GTUAFILW
  • Italy-USB
  • Palestine-WUCP.