Friday, June 2, 2017

"You shall not pass!": KKE protesters blocked the road to NATO convoy in Greece

A human chain stood against a NATO convoy on Friday afternoon in northern Greece. Hundreds of KKE and KNE members blocked the road at the tolls of Polymilos in Egnatia motorway, close to the city of Kozani, thus denying the passage to a convoy of 22 NATO vehicles coming from Albania. 

Under the slogans "NATO killers go home" and "Neither soil nor water to the murderers of the people", the KKE protesters demanded the return of the convoy back to Albania. Among the participants in the human blockade were the KKE MEP Sotiris Zarianopoulos and Sakis Vardalis, KKE MP. 

"The KKE calls the people to fight for the country's disengagement from NATO, to disengage from imperialist interventions, to close all the NATO bases, for the return of the Greek army from missions abroad. They (the people) must demand "neither soil nor water to the murders of the people" said, among other things, Zarianopoulos in a statement. 

It must be noted that the NATO convoy was coming from Albania in order to participate to the military exercise "Noble Jump" which takes place in Balkans. 

The persistence of the protesters led to the retreat of the NATO vehicles, while the Greek government responded by lining up riot police in a small distance from the KKE members. 

Info: / Translation: In Defense of Communism.