Saturday, October 1, 2016

The banners of the Nazis deserve only one place: The dustbin of History


The Golden Dawn flag waved by supporters of APOEL Nicosia during the football match against Olympiacos in Piraeus is a Nazi symbol. It is the symbol of a Nazi, fascist criminal organisation which tries to pose as a political party. It is a Nazi symbol because of Golden Dawn's Nazi ideology. 

The issue isn't a typical matter related to UEFA policies about political messages in football. It's more than that. The shameful gesture of APOEL fans to wave the flag of Nazis consists a political and social issue. The symbols of Nazism and fascism, the symbols of Golden Dawn, have no place in football stadiums. They have no place anywhere. 

APOEL fans wave 'Golden Dawn' flag during the UEFA Europa League match between
Olympiacos and APOEL Nicosia, at Karaiskaki stadium, Piraeus.
The banners of the Nazis have only one place: The dustbin of History. That isn't a rhetorical or a theoretical figure of speech; it's a purely practical issue. Only the people, the organised labor movement, have the power to isolate and smash the nazi snake. Once and for all.