Sunday, May 22, 2016

KKE: "The SYRIZA-ANEL government is purposely serving the most brutal Capitalism"

Thanasis Pafilis, KKE MP.
Addressing the Greek Parliament on Saturday, KKE's parliamentary representative Thanasis Pafilis underlined that the reality itselt vindicates what the Communist Party was openly saying to people. He pointed out that the government, the opposition party of New Democracy and the other bourgeois parties serve the common strategy of the EU; a strategy that aims to please the demands of the Capital.

MP Pafilis unleashed an attack against Tsipras' coalition government underlining that the government follows a predicable course as long as it follows the wild capitalist system with it's iron laws. "You say that you save the most brutal Capitalism in order to move to Socialism [...] You made your choice. The fight is about who is going to have the upper hand" Pafilis said and added: "You are in the road of capitalist development, in the road of social injustice, the road of poverty of the people and new profits for the big capital and we are along with the people, in the road of the (system's) overthrow. Because, finally, as it was proved in the past and is also proved now, the social systems doesn't change from within. They change and overturned from peoples' struggle and social revolutions".

In the parliamentary discussion about Tsipras' government new monstrous austerity law (including new taxes, privatizations plan and austerity cuts), Finance Minister Tsakalotos accused KKE for not... understanding properly marxist economics. From his side, Pafilis responded to the Minister by saying: "You should be more humble when speaking about KKE. We didn't worship capitalist barbarity. You, not only worshiped her, but also serving her and you dress up with a marxist cloak. [...] We give the only hope. We do not create hallucinations (to the people), like you do. You were saying that Europe would change and that you would rip off the memorandums...".

The All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) and Labour Unions have called for nationwide demonstrations on Sunday against the new anti-people law of the government.

WATCH: Thanasis Pafilis speech in the Parliament (in Greek)      
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