Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Greek Election 2023: On May 21st you have at least... 10 reasons to vote for the KKE

In Greece's Parliamentary Elections that are scheduled to be held on May 21, 2023, the people have at least 10 reasons to vote for the KKE:

1. A stronger KKE means stability for the people, their lives and their rights.

The anti-popular stability that the New Democracy, SYRIZA and PASOK talk about is the path that brings insecurity and instability to the lives of the people and the youth.
2. Anger must be turned into struggle.

The KKE revealed that the culprit for the crime in Tempe is the policy in favour of profits pursued by those who are governing and have governed in the past. The KKE daily reveals the potentially fatal incidents similar to the crime in Tempe: the school buildings in ruinous state; the lack of health and safety measures at workplaces; the lack of planned protection of people’s lives from wildfires, floods, earthquakes and large-scale accidents. The current anti-popular state prioritizes the interests of the big business groups and treats the safety and needs of the people as a cost. Our response to soaring prices, poverty, wars and all those who fill us with anger is a strong KKE.

3. This is the only way to multiply the seedbeds of resistance that we will need after the elections.

Ahead of us lies:

- A massive attack of funds and banks on the people’s primary residences. We must struggle to prevent them from falling into the vultures’ hands. This is where the laws of ND, SYRIZA and PASOK on primary residences lead to.

- A new round of heavy taxation of the working people.

- A new capitalist economic crisis. The working class and the poor urban and rural self-employed and tradesmen must not pay the price once again.

The EU’s policy of “liberalization” and commercialization continues and includes the transport, water and energy sector. They skyrocket costs, prices and risks for the people and increase the profits of large companies.

4. Despite their differences, ND, SYRIZA and PASOK agree on the main issues. They argue over “who” and “how” will rule the country since there is no doubt about the policy that they will pursue.

They are only concerned about the profits of the business groups and not our lives and needs. That is why they agree with the commitments of the EU Recovery Fund, which equals a super-memorandum for our people. That is why SYRIZA voted for 50% and PASOK for 70% of the bills put forward by the New Democracy government. That is why they agree with Greece’s further involvement in the war between NATO and Russia in Ukraine, with the US-NATO plans that lead to the joint exploitation of the Aegean at the expense of the country’s sovereign rights and of the Greek and Turkish people, in favour of the big mining companies.

5. This is the way to cancel the anti-popular plans they are preparing.

All kinds of government formations, like those promoted by the New Democracy, SYRIZA and PASOK, have been tried in Greece and in Europe. The policy followed by both coalition and single-party governments in various countries, whether they are called progressive or centre-right, is the one that led the people to take to the streets and stage strikes and mass demonstrations in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Greece. They implement the same anti-popular directions of the EU and business groups. A stronger KKE means sending a hopeful and uplifting message all over the country and abroad.

6. The KKE is only bound by the interests of the people and the workers and not by the domestic and international elite.

Any government that will emerge will undoubtedly be anti-popular. That is why only a stronger KKE can make a difference in favour of the people. More KKE MPs means more power to make the voice and the problems of the people be heard, more militant supporters in the struggle for our just cause, everywhere.

7. The opinion “I do not choose any of the two big parties claiming power” may take on radical characteristics only if translated into reinforcement of the KKE.

8. A vote for the KKE will not change after the elections.

It will not turn into support or tolerance for whatever government emerges from the elections. The KKE is not like those parties that surface, help the adoption of anti-people policies and then step aside, that is, the so-called small parties that turned out to be great allies of the system. The forces that have served the anti-popular policy as ministers and MPs, passing harsh measures for the people, are willing to play this role today.

9. The KKE has a programme of power–governance.

The KKE is ready, when the working class and the people decide so, to assume its responsibility in a people’s government, where the working people will have the power and the keys of the economy. The protagonists will be the workers and the youth and not the political staff of the capitalists. The assertion that “enough is enough” can be transformed into a decision to struggle for the only progressive way out, for another power and economy that has at its heart the meeting of the needs of the many.

10. #NOW_KKE in the first and the second round of the elections.

We now have experience and know that there is no such thing as saviours!

Only the people can save the people, on the path of the overthrow of capitalism, with a strong KKE.

The parties that will form the next government must emerge as weak as possible so that the people can be stronger.