Sunday, May 14, 2023

The 10th Congress of the Communist Party of Pakistan to be held on June 16-18 in Islamabad

The 10th congress of the Communist Party of Pakistan shall be held in Islamabad, the federal capital of Pakistan, from June 16th to 18th. In an extensive communique, the International Department of the CP of Pakistan stresses out:

Pakistan’s ruling classes and state institutions have always supported and fought proxy wars with a front-line state title for safeguarding the interests of USA imperialism.In these proxy wars, the security establishment in Pakistan openly or through the ostensible democratic institutions profited multi-billion dollars. A fraction of it was injected into the economy of Pakistan, and a larger share was used to strengthen further its institutional colonial power over the ordinary people of Pakistan. 
The blood dollars exported by US imperialism in Pakistan were openly exploited to build a business empire controlled and owned by the security establishment for their benefit. It has been researched and reported to be more than 20 billion USD, with the fastest year-over-year growth. This led to the paralyzing completely Pakistan’s economic autarky and has given birth to a contradiction where the security establishment is wearing multiple anti masses hats, i.e., imperialism, colonialism, and capitalism.

Agriculture and industrial developments and growth have been criminally ignored,which has resulted in the accumulation of wealth in a few hands of the capitalist class (100 companies hold a 90% share of the market capitalization of 52 billion USD) and the feudalistic class dominating southern Punjab, Interior Sind, and the Balochistan. The intentional mismanagement in the planning of these sectors has not only caused food shortage and unemployment across the country. Still, it has compromised the working classes’ living standards as they are ultimately denied the fundamental rights of bread, health, housing, and education. The concentration of capital has led the feudal and industrialist classes to physically encroach every layer of the power corridors of the current system of governance.

The west and US-led imperialism designed and manipulated Pakistan’s economy so that it should remain in a state of doldrum and parasitic nature. It had its roots when multi-billion dollars were injected because of the Afghan war against Soviet Russia in the 70s & 80s and the war against terrorism after the “nine eleven incident.” Due to the double game played by the security establishment of Pakistan, the US and western aid stopped, which was then replaced by the Chinese initiative of OBOR named China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). But this time, the injection of dollars in the economy was not in the form of aid but investments into fancy and lucrative expansive development projects (40% of the total external loan), which denied the singular beneficiary right of the military establishment in contrast to the US-sponsored unaudited dollars in the past, which they had standalone siphoned off.

The unplanned development, nonproductive consumption of external loans, corruption on a massive scale, increased budgetary allocations to the military in the name of defense, highly destabilized and dysfunctional Afghanistan as a next-door neighbor, and the royal administrative lifestyles of the state institutions finally eroded every fabric of the economy and drove Pakistan near to default. Now, efforts are being made to approach the imperialist watchdog IMF which, for the last many months, has been forcing structural adjustments in the economic structure of the country’s economy, which is even preconditioned by the so-called friendly countries of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and China. The conditions imposed by the IMF have resulted in the overburdening of the working class through increased taxes and severe inflation. The industry, which already has a limited presence, is shutting down and has caused massive unemployment among industrial workers. The small and medium-holding farmers, including farm laborers, are not tilling their fields as IMF has forced them to withdraw Agri-related subsidies. As a result, farmers are now unable to buy expensive seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.; on the contrary, they are already hit due to last year’s horrifying floods. 

The communist party of Pakistan has planned to organize its 10th congress from June 16th to 18th on this crucial time to remap the party program & the organization, define and interpret the newly evolved contradictions locally and internationally, strengthen the party’s ideology and approach to socialism, adoption of policies and strategies, and adoption of resolutions and decisions to important political, economic, social and cultural issues, for the real emancipation of the farmers, industrial workers, and the at large working classes. Needless to mention here that CPP has a chequered history.  Since Partition of Sub Continent of India. CPP, with hectic efforts, pursued the organizational party structure despite persistent tortuous, draconian n atrocities perpetrated by the fascist state machinery steered directly by US imperialism. CPP was first implicated in a false conspiracy casein 1951 and, in 1954, banned along with its frontal organizations,i.e.,the Democratic Students Federation (DSF) and Labor wings, etc. The incumbent congress is being held openly; otherwise, erstwhile, our Congresses were constrained to be held in the not open sphere. We offer a red salute to our Party comrades who, since 1947, sacrificed their lives to uphold the cause of Marxism n Leninism in Pakistan and hoisting high the flag of socialist revolution high.

As Internationalism is both a core principle of our party and an element of the theme of the congress, we invite your party to send a message of fraternal greetings, which will be read out and aired during the proceedings of the Congress. We request that the message,preferably video recorded,be no longer than 5 minutes.

Through this Congress, we aim to strengthen our organization and advance the struggle against imperialism, revisionism, and every odd of capitalism for a socialist Pakistan on the guiding principles of Marxism-Leninism.

Long Live Marxism-Leninism                          Long Live Socialist Revolution

Communist Regards

International Department.

Communist Party of Pakistan
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