Friday, March 10, 2023

KKE: Greece’s participation in the imperialist war in Ukraine must stop!

We do not choose a camp between thieves, our only hope lies in the struggle of the peoples!

The KKE addresses the people who want to live in peace, who can no longer bear to see other peoples and their lands being destroyed, who are concerned about the powder keg that has been storing up and the escalation of the imperialist confrontation in Ukraine.

We appeal to the workers and the youth who are worried by the involvement of our country in the imperialist war; who do not tolerate the land, air and sea of our homeland being turned into a US-NATO bridgehead for the escalation of military confrontations, thus, transforming it into a ‘danger magnet’ to the detriment of our people.

From the very first moment the KKE sounded the alarm to the people

From the first day of the war, the KKE called upon the working people to protest against the imperialist war. It was the first party to demonstrate outside the Russian and US embassies, showing the real culprits responsible for yet another massacre.

It showed that the Russian invasion of Ukraine did not come as a bolt from the blue. It was preceded by the fierce confrontation and conflict on the territory of the country, following the intervention of the US-NATO-EU, the coup they orchestrated in 2014 and the bombing of eastern Ukraine by the reactionary governments of the country.

Today, one year after the formal beginning of the war, it is confirmed that it is not just another “regional conflict” between two neighbouring states, but a war involving the world’s most powerful imperialist centres: On the one hand the US, the EU and the UK and on the other hand Russia allied with China and other powerful capitalist states.

A field of international conflict where the people are the victims

NATO forces, soldiers and mercenaries equipped by the USA, UK, Germany and other countries that have spent tens of billions of dollars and euros for this war, are fighting against the Russian war machine on the territory of Ukraine.

All the above are not fighting in Ukraine for “democracy”, against “totalitarianism” as they and their mouthpieces state in Greece and elsewhere. They are now competing with arms to protect the interests of the monopoly groups and fighting over who will be in charge in the international imperialist system, killing peoples to dominate new markets, resources and energy transport routes.

The KKE exposed the propaganda of the US and NATO proponents in our country, who called upon the people to align themselves with their dirty plans, that is, to choose a camp between thieves instead of struggling for the disengagement of our country from war.

The KKE revealed the truth to the people and the hypocrisy of the bourgeois parties that pretended to be shocked by the “first war in the heart of Europe”, forgetting the repeated bloodshed of the Balkans and the break-up of the former united Yugoslavia by NATO and the EU in the 1990s.

The KKE stood in solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are paying with their blood the heavy price of the choices of the bourgeois governments of their country. It also stood in solidarity with the people of Russia who are shedding their blood for the interests of a handful of plutocrats.

This is yet another war that was supposed to have “ended” 30 years ago, with the overthrow of socialism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Two peoples, who had been living in peace for decades and prospered when they decided to take their fate into their own hands, are today being slaughtered on the battlefields for the interests of the bosses.

ND and SYRIZA jointly drag the people into the massacre

The criminal responsibilities that the government of ND, SYRIZA and the other bourgeois parties bear for the dangerous involvement of our country in the conflict must act as a criterion of stance and vote in view of the elections:
  • Material is being unloaded from ships at the port of Alexandroupolis, deploying it to the war zone.
  • Military equipment is being stripped away from our country’s military camps and sent to Ukraine, such as BMP1 armoured vehicles, while there is now talk of sending S-300 missiles and even “Leopard” tanks.
  • US military infrastructure is being expanded and strengthened in Souda, Crete, in Thessaly, in Andravida, etc.

All of the above result from the strategic agreement between Greece and the USA, initiated by the SYRIZA government —that made talk of the “devilishly good” Trump— and further enhanced by the ND government.

  •  ND, SYRIZA and PASOK jointly voted in favour of the warmongering frenzy of the European Parliament, which pledges to increase massive military aid to Ukraine, to deliver advanced weapons systems, to provide training to the Ukrainians.
  •  They jointly support sanctions of all kinds, which the people are paying for with heavy sacrifices, with increased energy poverty, with soaring prices for basic goods, with wasted crops.
  •  ND, SYRIZA and PASOK jointly welcomed and applauded Zelenskiy and his fascist coterie, the criminals of the “Azov Battalion”, in Parliament. The KKE was the only party that saved the honour of the people by refraining from this whitewash of the Nazis and the reactionary Ukrainian government.

The myth that the deeper involvement of our country in the war is a “guarantee of security and stability” and that it puts a brake on the disputes on the part of the Turkish bourgeoisie, has dispelled. NATO and the EU are encouraging Turkey’s provocation so that it remains in the NATO camp and supports their plans. In exchange, Turkey conducts dangerous negotiations over the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, disputing borders and sovereign rights.

Those who crush the people to safeguard their profits in times of peace, profit even more in times of war

The peoples, including the Greek people, are the ones to lose in wars.

The winners are the big business groups that see their profits grow:

  • Greek shipowners have earned up to $1 million a day due to the energy embargo on Russia and the transport of LNG, while the people have to dig deep into their pockets for heating and electricity.
  • Energy giants are reporting record profits, while the people are counting their pennies due to the increase in petrol prices.
  • Businessmen in the food sector are reaping even greater profits from the increased prices, while the popular households grocery shop on a tight budget.

Enough with wars and sacrifices for the sake of their profits!

Strong KKE: The only clear message against the war and any involvement in it!

The KKE is the party that consistently struggles against participation in war. It has been at the forefront of the workers’–people’s mobilizations to throw the NATO murderers out of our ports, airports and camps, to stop materiel from being transferred from Northern Greece to the war front.

For their stance, members and cadres of the KKE were dragged to court, were beaten brutally by the repression forces and faced persecution by the employers.

The KKE is the only party that has been standing by the side of conscripts who were persecuted for their opposition to our country’s involvement in the war.

This proud stand of the KKE expresses the feelings of the great majority of the people, their genuine pro-peace attitude, their opposition to war, their condemnation of the imperialists, NATO and the USA.

Whichever government emerges will not hesitate to lead the people like a lamb to NATO’s slaughter!

The people should not be caught in a dilemma over which government will lead us to the next dangerous steps of involvement.

The next government:

  • Will be faced with the escalation of the imperialist confrontation in Ukraine, which the US and the EU are already warning about.
  • Will be burdened with all the current and previous governments’ commitments on old and new bases of death, on the NATOization even of the shipyards.
  •  Will undertake new dirty missions on behalf of the Euro-Atlantic camp, the possible shipments of missiles, tanks and even personnel, throwing the people even deeper to the lions.

That is why it is in the interest of the people that all the bourgeois parties that have ruled be as weak as possible after the elections, so that support for the war be weak and the popular will to disengage from the carnage be strengthened.

Vote for the KKE!

A vote for the KKE is a mandate for new, even more dynamic struggles against the imperialist military plans.

Through a vote for the KKE, the people can raise more obstacles to the dangerous vortex of involvement so that Greece no longer be a launching pad for war, that the Greek Armed Forces personnel in missions abroad return home, that no Greek officers or soldiers —uniformed or not— be sent to Ukraine, that the voice that says ‘we will not continue paying for your war’ be louder.

It is a vote strengthening the struggle so that the bases of death be closed and preventing the installation of new ones.

A vote for the KKE means strengthening the prospect to disengage our country from NATO and the EU, with the people holding the reins of power.

Only the people can save the people, with a strong KKE!