Wednesday, December 14, 2022

#QatarGate: KKE MEP Papadakis blasts the EU as "the womb that gives birth to corruption scandals"

“The EU of capital is the womb that gives birth to corruption” underlined the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) MEP Kostas Papadakis during his intervention at the plenary debate held in Strasbourg concerning the recent EU-Qatar corruption scandal.

Papapakis said that “the womb that gives birth to corruption centered in the European Parliament is the capital's EU itself”, adding that it was on this ground that the financial scandal involving Vice President Eva Kaili and other former and current MEPs took place. 
The KKE MEP referred to the resolution adopted by the European Parliament a few weeks ago, which attempted to whitewash the responsibilities Government of Qatar for the thousands of workers who were killed in the World Cup construction sites: “Your resolution to whitewash Qatar was passed without even a roll call vote. On the graves of thousands of dead workers in Qatar's galleys, the EU, the People's Party and the Social Democrats discovered “exemplary labor reforms” also advocated by the leader of the unionists of the “International Trade Union Confederation” (ITUC) who is also being prosecuted”.

MEP Papadakis added: “The capitalists of Qatar, who until yesterday were “strategic partners” for the EU's “alternative energy sufficiency”, having a free VISA, have now become “an authoritarian regime attacking European democracy”.

“The people must draw conclusions”, the Communist Party eurodeputy said, underlining that the people must have no trust to the EU and the rotten capitalist system.

During an interview on Athens-based “Real FM” radio on Monday, Papadakis pointed out that the current corruption scandal in the European Union reflects the decaying of a whole system. He referred to previous scandals, adding that the current corruption case involves persons from three EU member-states.

The KKE MEP noted that more than 14,000 representatives of business groups/corporations have been registered to the EU's transparency register, stressing out that through this way lobbies attempt to influence resolutions, laws and regulations in favor of specific capitalist interests. He furthermore pointed that this situation is consiered legal within the EU and its institutions.