Tuesday, July 19, 2022

PAME denounces the attempts to criminalise trade union action in Italy

In a statement the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) stresses out: 

In Italy the USB and Si Cobas unions are facing a 350-page indictment by the Piagenza Public Prosecutor’s Office in which the unions and trade unionists are accused of “crimes” such as picketing strikes, protests and mobilisations in the logistics sector. 

On the basis of this indictment, a police operation has been carried out since this morning with searches of trade unionists’ homes and the arrest of 4 USB trade unionists.

At a time when workers across Europe are taking to the streets against the wave of inflation and frozen wages, demanding wage increases and collective agreements, employers and governments are trying to prevent workers from organising and fighting back with intimidations and threats.

It is now a common phenomenon in Greece and throughout Europe that trade unionists and trade unions are criminalised and prosecuted for defending the lives and rights of workers, for opposing the imperialist slaughterhouses.

It is obvious that in Italy the logistics employers, alarmed by the growing anger of the workers in the sector and the militant action of the unions, are using the Italian state apparatus to attack the militant unions.

We note that no one was convicted for the murder of Abd El Salam, a migrant worker, a USB member in the logistics sector, and that three months ago a provocation was staged at the USB headquarters.

The USB responded to the current developments with a 24hour strike in logistics and actions for the liberation of the detained trade unionists.

We express our solidarity with the Italian trade unions USB and Si Cobas, which are being targeted and persecuted by the governments and the state apparatus, and with all workers in Italy.

Intimidations will not pass – the workers’ struggle will break them.