Thursday, July 7, 2022

British communists on Johnson government's collapse: "Downing Street change not enough"

"The rats are jumping the Johnson ship – but a change of Conservative leaders will not alter the government’s pro-big business, anti-democratic, racist and war mongering agenda", Tony Conway told the Communist Party’s political committee on Tuesday evening (July 5).

As the news of ministerial resignations broke, Britain’s Communists called for a united response from trade unions and campaigning movements to the cost of living, housing, climate change and food crises.
Mr Conway urged the maximum local solidarity with striking workers, calling for "generalised strike action" as communications and civil service staff prepare to join railway workers, baggage handlers, lecturers and barristers in the fight for jobs, services and a living wage.

"Building on the vibrant TUC demonstration on June 18, we need a programme of action including town hall meetings to promote the New Deal for Workers and renewed efforts to build the People’s Assembly, Stop the War and CND in local communities", declared the former PCS national officer.

As the convenor of the Communist Party’s anti-racism anti-fascism commission, Mr Conway also emphasised the need to overturn British state policy to deport refugees to Rwanda, which he said "rips up Britain’s solemn commitments in international and humanitarian law".

Young Communist League of Britain (YCL) 

Boris Johnson & the Tory Party: a snake shedding its skin

In a statement about the stream of resignations of Boris Johnson's government, the Young Communist League of Britain points out among other things:

"The ruthlessness of Tory politicians is legendary and these developments shouldn’t be mistaken for a crisis of conscience on the part of Sunak, Javid and others. This is simply infighting and manoeuvring for poll position among the main party of Britain’s ruling class and an effort to recover from recent negative by election results. But it would be dangerous to assume this infighting and Johnson being replaced as Tory leader are an easy or meaningful victory for working people and the youth at the hands of the Tory Party itself. The ruling class reshuffling their own deck of cards, to choose a new representative in chief, on their own terms, does nothing to reverse the offensive against working class living standards and rights and doesn’t change the anti-working class, anti-democratic character of this Tory government".

The YCL statement underlines that "there are no easy or quick answers to the difficult situation working people and the youth find ourselves in in Britain. But wherever working people are prepared to fight back, there is always hope". 

According to the YCL "Britain needs a mass movement of working people and the youth based in our communities, workplaces and campuses, uniting the labour, student and tenants movements. Only a movement of this type can lead and win the fight against austerity, poverty and unemployment and for jobs, housing, healthcare, education and public services. The leading role of a mass, disciplined and vanguard Communist Party and YCL will be essential in achieving this"

"This isn’t a just fight against one Tory prime minister or one government. It’s not a fight that will be won overnight. It is a fight against the ruling class and capitalism. Now is the time to build the movement. Get active and build the struggle wherever you are", the statement concludes. /