Saturday, July 30, 2022

Iraq Crisis: Communist Party calls for early elections organised by an independent interim government

The Iraqi Communist Party has called for the organisation of fair and honest early elections that express the true will of the Iraqi people, to be organised by an independent interim government.

The Political Bureau of the party said in a statement that it issued yesterday, 27th July 2022: "At a time when the repercussions of the political impasse and their negative repercussions on the stability of the country and people's lives and livelihoods are intensifying, we hold the forces that still adhere to ethno-sectarian power-sharing as a system for managing the state fully responsible. 
Political deadlock is not confined to the election of the President, Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament and the formation of the government. It is also expressed in the manifestations of the deep crisis of the political process that is based on this system, which is breeding failure and corruption”.

The statement added that "the ongoing struggle for power, among the ruling forces, does not represent a struggle over projects for state-building, but rather an extension of the fighting over sharing wealth and influence."

It continued: "In this sense, any new government formed according to the power-sharing quota approach will be doomed to failure, whoever is assigned to head it. Such a government will not differ, in essence, from any governments formed on the basis of ethno-sectarian power-sharing in the past years."

It warned that “the insistence on continuing this approach will only deepen the crisis and open the way to dangerous paths that threaten the constitutional and democratic construction of the state and civil peace”.

The party’s statement also said: “Based on our concern for consolidating peaceful, democratic political action, we call for the organisation of fair and honest early elections that express the true will of the Iraqis, to be organised by a truly independent interim government that enjoys national acceptance."

It added, "At this sensitive juncture, we reaffirm our democratic, patriotic, political project, which calls for “Comprehensive Change” to build a democratic civil state on the basis of citizenship and social justice.. a change to achieve the aspirations of our people for a free and dignified life."

"Therefore, all democratic civil forces and personalities, and the patriotic forces of change, who have not been involved in the crises, are called upon to unify efforts and organize their ranks to create a national balance of forces that provides a political alternative to the ethno-sectarian power-sharing system. This alternative has a real vision and opens up prospects towards building a state of citizenship and social justice”.