Monday, October 30, 2017

Golden Dawn's fascists have no place in Santorini!

Around 20 Golden Dawn's fascists tried to attack
a foreign student during the "OXI Day" parade.
"The fascist-nazi ideology has no place in our island" underlines the Santorini Party Organisation of the KKE in a statement issued regarding the racist incident of 28th October. 

Last Saturday, a group of around 20 Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party members and "sympathizers" violently disrupted the traditional student parade for the “OXI Day” holiday celebration, because the flag-bearer was a foreign student. 

Just before the parade was about to start, the fascists of Golden Dawn wearing black t-shirts with “Hellas Ultra” printed on them, started shouting and terrorizing both the students who were getting ready for their parade and their parents. The police attempted to negotiate with them, but the atmosphere was already explosive.

The Santorini Party Organisation of the KKE strongly denounces the provocative and unacceptable behaviour of the fascists and calls "all parents, students and workers of the island, independently of race and religion, to condemn the fascist-nazi ideology wherever it appears"

The incident in Santorini island was also condemned by the Press Office of the CC of the KKE which issued the following comment:

"The cowardly attack of the Golden Dawn's members to prevent an 11-year old student to hold the Greek flag, as well as their statement that the Greeks didn't fight fascism and nazism but "the italian army", shows their real nazist face. They are political descendants of those who were defeated in 1940-45 by the Great Antifascist Victory of the People and will be defeated again by the organised people's struggle".