Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mass demonstrations organized by Labour Unions to take place in Greece on October 17th

Source: PAME (All-Workers Militant Front).
On Monday 17th October: In Athens at Syntagma Square at 18.30, in Thessaloniki at 18.30 at Venizelos statue.
More than 400 trade union organizations, federations, labour centres, industrial unions, etc from all branches and sectors, all over Greece, we coordinate, demand and fight for the cancelation of all anti-workers laws and measures of the recent years. We fight for the signing of National Collective Agreement and sectoral Collective Contracts.
We demand the reestablishment and the signing of sectoral Collective Contracts, the recovering of all of our losses! No worker without the minimum wage! All in the struggle for full time steady jobs, with full rights, higher wages, pensions and social benefits!

We Call to the Great Demonstration of the Unions on Monday, October 17
We cannot live with starvation wages, without social security, without labour rights! On October 17 we will submit to the Greek Parliament, to all parties (except the Fascist Golden Dawn) our Resolution!
We demand it to be discussed and legislated! We demand the life we deserve!
 No worker, no branch, no union alone can stop this unified and planned attack of the Greek Government and the Employers. We strengthen the front against the employers of each sector who want us to be cheap, flexible workforce, without any rights. Against the planning of the EU, IMF and the big capitalists, who aim to make new cuts in our wages and social rights, we must give our response!
The SYRIZA Government talks about implementing in Greece the “best European practices”. That is, to impose contemporary slavery, exploitation based on the demands of the big business groups, work without rights, starvation wages, zero hour contracts, mini jobs, no obligations for the employers. So them to be free to pay the worker whenever they want, to layoff with no costs, with no obstacles from trade union organization and action of the workers.
They must receive massive, militant, fighting response, with all forms of struggle and General Strike! No more Sacrifices for the Profits of the Capitalists! Their “growth” and “development” is not for us and our children! We witness and live this. Their growth is built over the ruins of our rights; it is based on cheap labour. We do not compromise with poverty and wretchedness!
We organize the great front of struggle to demand the recovering of all the losses we had in wages and pensions. But most of all, to demand the abolition of all anti workers’ measures imposed the last years that have cancelled the Collective Contracts.
We demand our Rights in Work and Life based on our Time, the 21st Century, our contemporary needs. We will not live as slaves!
Signed by more than 450 National Federations, Labour Centres, Unions to demand Collective Contracts