Thursday, June 23, 2016

PAME denounces the escalation of oppression by the French government

Source: PAME.
PAME denounces the Government of France, which escalates oppression and intimidation against the fighting people, by attempting to prohibit the realization of the workers’ demonstration of June 23. At the same time the French Government went on a violent evacuation of the IVRY Factory (waste incinerator, the largest in Europe).
Once again is proved that the governments, which are on the service of the Capital and the multinationals, socialdemocratic or liberal, they do not hesitate to go in restricting democratic rights and freedoms of workers, so as to serve their bosses. Similar experience have the workers of Greece, from the so called “left” Government of SYRIZA that responds to workers struggles with Riot Police and arrests of militants.

For these developments, which multiply all over Europe, great are the responsibilities of the trade union organizations-members of the ETUC, who for years cultivate the idea of the “lesser evil”, of tolerance to anti-workers’ governments, of subjugation to the demands of the bosses. They are responsible, because for years they were saying to the workers not to fight, instead, with the so called “social dialogues” to surrender their rights to the employers, in the name of “social peace”. But their “peace” is built over the poverty and misery of the workers.
We salute the great struggles of the French workers and we stand by their side against the antiworkers’ attack and oppression of the French Government.