Friday, June 24, 2016

#Brexit triumphed, but Capitalism is still here


With 52% over 48%, the voters in Britain decided in favor of a Brexit in yesterday's EU referendum. The Communists of Britain who stood against the EU and the mainstream media propaganda deserve our congratulations for their stance and struggle. A significant proportion of Britain's working class- the class which has been largely affected by the antiworker, antipeople EU policies- voted in favor of 'Leave'. However, the triumph of Brexit does not change the capitalist framework of the country: the power remains in the hands of the bourgeoisie, the monopolies continue being the dominant force of British economy, the working class remains under capitalist exploitation

Britain's working class must have no illusions whatsoever: Unemployment, zero-hour contracts, layoffs, cuts in wages and social services will continue. The country, as a powerful imperialist member-state of NATO, will continue paying huge amounts in defense budget and participating in criminal, imperialist interventions.

The competition between different sectors of the British bourgeois-class in the Brexit vs Bremain referendum's campaigns will have consequences for the working people. The working class and the low-income people of Britain will be called to pay the bill for new 'structural' economic reforms- that probably means new austerity measures and invigoration of capitalist exploitation. 

What is the conclusion? Brexit triumphed indeed, but the real enemy is still here. The real enemy is the exploitative capitalist system and the dominance of the monopolies. The struggle of the Communists, of the working class must aim towards the overthrow of this system. It must be a struggle- a continuous and painful one- for the total revolutionary transformation of the society, for people's power, for people’s ownership of the means of productions, for Socialism. The War is going on... 

In Defense of Communism ©, 24/6/2016.