Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cuba: 495,000 educators will lead May Day marches around the country

Source: Granma.
This year, marking the 55th anniversary of the Revolution’s Literacy Campaign and the declaration of the country as free of illiteracy, May Day marches across the country will be led by educators.
“This constitutes recognition by the trade union movement of the sector closest to this great feat,” said Ismael Drullet Pérez, secretary general of the National Union of Educational, Scientific and Sports Workers (SNTECD), speaking with Granma.
He continued, “The Literacy Campaign came from the people, with the participation of homemakers, workers… so it is not only the legacy of the education sector. Cuba became a great school and all its children became teachers.”

Addressing challenges currently facing teachers, Drullet cited the need to not only train professionals, technicians, and workers, but also the great responsibility to prepare citizens.
“The homeland must be protected with intelligence, and this is achieved only with the commitment of teachers to the preparation of a ‘new’ man,” he said.
He mentioned teachers’ concerns regarding working conditions, which have improved, although much remains to be done.
Drullet continued, “We have progressed in an important aspect that is communication, with the Ministry of Education playing a fundamental role, above all dialoging with teachers, affording them participation in changes directed toward improvement.”
Other issues include salaries and professional development, he said.
Drullet concluded his remarks calling for implementation of agreements reached at the 7th Party Congress, and emphasized the importance of discussions projected of the Conceptualization of the Economic and Social Model and the National Development Plan through 2030.