Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mikis Theodorakis: The Pope, the predators and the hunted

Legendary composer Mikis Theodorakis, 91.
The Pope, the predators and the hunted.
Translation from Greek: In Defense of Communism.

I am watching in live broadcast the visit of the Pope, the Religious Leader of the majority of Europe's people in Lesvos, where tens of thousands victims from Syria and other Middle East countries- who defying death and leaving behind dozens of drowned, especially children- arrived from Turkey.

Who is responsible for that big tragedy that millions of innocent fellow humans are living today?

It is the Black Death that the US and Europe's states, which have war industries, are exporting. How many thousands houses, schools, hospitals and other infrastructures were demolished, how many million people were killed or injured and how many of them were uprooted from their countries and forced to search a foreign refuge because of the weapons made by the hands of Europeans and Americans...

Here it is the splendor, the big crime of our era with the modern victimizers-predators from the one side and their victims-quarries from the other. The big crime which transforms our era into a Jungle and the uncountable hypocrisy of the supposedly civilized European People who seal their countries with wire, like the Nazis were doing with the numerous Auschwitz, Dachau and Mauthausen. With the difference (being) that, this time, the victimizers are inside and the victims are out.

In other words, those who are powerful are killing and uprooting them in order to get rich and the weak ones, their victims, are abandoned in their bad fate, in hunger, in the cold and the illnesses, upon whom the powerful ones are building their own happiness.

And, furthermore, without being ashamed (as they should be), they declare themselves as superior People, civilized ones, People who, based on wealth and power, have the nerve to give lessons to the weak ones, thus imposing with their IMFs and Troikas the rules of their lives, namely the austerity and disaster, which are also a different kind of “destruction weapons”.

If the first quarries are suitable for their “nutrition”, the second ones are intended to become pet animals, useful for the rest of their needs.

Is there an image clearer than this? From one side, the Pope caressing the little children who were saved from drowning in Aegean and from the other side, his coreligionists of Europe, who are responsible for the Black Death that led them in this Tragedy...

Athens, 16.04.2016.
Mikis Theodorakis.