Monday, April 18, 2016

The Top 10 biggest lies of Alexis Tsipras

Opportunism is based on lies and deception. The case of SYRIZA, an opportunistic party of the radical left which during the past five years rapidly turned into a social-democratic party (replacing PASOK), is a characteristic example. SYRIZA's leader and current Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, has been the embodiment of political opportunism. Below, you can read 10 of his biggest blatant lies, in his own words:

1. "The first thing Syriza will do in power is tear up the controversial "memorandum of understanding" Greece signed up to with creditors" - Interview with the "Guardian" (18/5/2012).

2. "The only realistic and saving alternative proposal is the abolition, with one law and in one article, of all the austerity measures" - Tsipras on Twitter (11/11/2012).

"The only realistic and saving alternative proposal is the abolition,
with one law and in one article, of all the austerity measures" -
Alexis Tsipras.
3. "The government of the Left will denounce the memorandum [...] Today, it is now clear that the memorandum is not a solution but the problem itself. Therefore, it's abolition is the first step of a different policy which will effectively confront the crisis"- Interview in "I Ellada Avrio" newspaper (19/1/2013).

What happened: The government of Mr.Tsipras - contrary to peoples' will and despite the 61% majority of the "NO" vote in July 2015 referendum- signed in August 2015 an even worse third memorandum of austerity with the creditors. The third memorandum and it's accompanying laws include the implementation of all the previous anti-people laws of the two previous memorandums. Read here the then announcement of KKE. 

4. "The port (of Piraeus) which has become a 'port of distress' because they decided to auction it off. But this won't pass. The people of Piraeus will have the last word"- Tsipras' speech in Piraeus, May 2014. 

What happened: A few weeks ago the government of Mr.Tsipras signed the Port's privatization deal (368.5 million Euros) with chinese shipping giant COSCO. In fact, the SYRIZA-ANEL government did exactly what they were previously fiercely denouncing.

5. "From 2015 onwards we abolish ENFIA (Single Property Tax) and replace him with a large property tax [...] In 2015, ENFIA will not exist and that is a commitment" - Tsipras, 8/2/2015.

What happened: It is April 2016 and ENFIA- an unfair and extremely aggravating tax for the lower income families- still exists.

"AVGI" newspaper front pages: "Memorandum? Forget it" / "Not a single step backwards" /
"This government and parliament will not vote for a new memorandum".
6. "We will remain loyal to our commitment for the increase of the minimum wage to 751 euros", Tsipras' speech in the Parliament, February 2015.

What happened: The SYRIZA-ANEL government never kept the promise. 

7. "The first step will be the implementation of the 'Thessaloniki Programme' against the humanitarian crisis. This is not negotiable", Article in "Avgi" (SYRIZA's official party newspaper), 27/12/2014.

What happened: The so-called "Thessaloniki programme" was a set of policies and measures presented by SYRIZA's leader Alexis Tsipras during the International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki on September 2014. The programme had as an aim to confront the extreme poverty ("humanitarian crisis") created by the economic crisis. The "Thessaloniki programme" was never implemented by Tsipras' government and was soon replaced by a- supposed- "parallel economic program" which haven't been implemented as well.

8. "Not a single increase of retirement age limits, not a single decrease of major and subsidiary pensions"- Tsipras' speech in the Parliament, February 2015.

What happened: The SYRIZA-ANEL government is preparing to bring to the Parliament a monstrous, anti-people law which demolishes social security rights. 

9. "We will support the public status (state-owned) of the regional airports. Because the clearance sale of every infrastructure is neither progress nor development. The sale of infrastructures consists return to feudalism"- Tsipras' speach in Rhodes, 15/1/2015.

What happened: On December 2015, the SYRIZA-ANEL government signed a privatization deal with the German airport operator Fraport. The deal included the 14 major regional airports of Greece. 

10. "This government and this Parliament will not vote in favor of a new memorandum", Tsipras' speech in the Parliament, 26/6/2015.

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