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Saturday, September 9, 2017

PAME: The anti-workers attack across Europe is unified, lasting and continuous

On the occasion of the visit of French President Macron to Greece, PAME issued the following statement:
The “growth” of the profits of business groups, the competitiveness of capital requires the attack on workers’ rights and gains. 
Therefore, irrespective of the country and the political label of each government, European Union and the political parties of the capital promote anti-workers’ reforms that target to reduce wages, pensions etc., and at the same time to put obstacles (if not to totally ban) in the Collective Action and Demands of Workers, in the trade union rights and freedoms of the working class.
Either with memorandums or without, the antiworkers’ attack across Europe is unified, lasting and continuous.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dimitris Koutsoumbas: Who has benefited from the EU, the people or the monopolies?

In his article published in the Greek newspaper "Naftemporiki", the General Secretary of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Dimitris Koutsoumbas writes on the 60 years since the foundation of the EEC/EU (Treaty of Rome):

"The anniversary of the 60 years since the foundation of the EEC and later of the EU is celebrated by her founders, the capitalist member-states, the monopolies of the european states. Because the EU is their own creation for their own interests. It is not celebrated by the people of her member-states, because the EU has never been, is not nor can become people's EU. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

V.I.Lenin: "A United States of Europe, under capitalism, is either impossible or reactionary"

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin- On the Slogan for a United States of Europe.

Sotsial-Demokrat No. 44, August 23, 1915. Published according to the text in Sotsial-DemokratSource: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, [197[4]], Moscow, Volume 21, pages 339-343.

In No. 40 of Sotsial-Demokrat we reported that a conference of our-Party’s groups abroad had decided to defer the question of the “United States of Europe” slogan pending a discussion, in the press, on the economic aspect of the matter.

At our conference the debate on this question assumed a purely political character. Perhaps this was partly caused by the Central Committee’s Manifesto having formulated this slogan as a forthright political one (“the immediatepolitical slogan...”, as it says there); not only did it advance the slogan of a republican United States of Europe, but expressly emphasised that this slogan is meaningless and false “without the revolutionary overthrow of the German, Austrian and Russian monarchies”.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Discontent for EU's anti-people policies grows- Nearly half of europeans aren't happy with the Union

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Forty-seven percent of Europeans have an unfavorable view of the European Union, a new survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 10 large EU states has revealedThe poll published on Tuesday showed that the number of people with favorable view of the bloc had almost come up with the number of their opponents and estimated at 51 and 47 percent respectively.

The research center added that Euroscepticism was on rise among the EU nations and in such states, as Greece, France, United Kingdom and Spain showed that EU adherents were outnumbered by their opponents.

The survey showed that such issues, as possible Brexit, migration crisis, the European Union's handling of economic problems and Brussels' policy of "ever closer union" fueled concerns of EU citizens over prospects of the bloc.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Brexit: Why workers in Britain should vote to leave the EU

Why British workers need a Brexit.
Source: Proletarian (CP of Great Britain, Marxist-Leninist), 
Issue 71, April 2016. 
Leaving the EU would undoubtedly weaken the ability of British, European and even US imperialists to dominate the globe, thus taking our struggle for socialism one small step forward.
“From the standpoint of the economic conditions of imperialism – ie, the export of capital and the division of the world by the ‘advanced’ and ‘civilised’ colonial powers – a United States of Europe, under capitalism, is either impossible or reactionary ...

“Of course, temporary agreements are possible between capitalists and between states. In this sense a United States of Europe is possible as an agreement between the European capitalists ... but to what end? Only for the purpose of jointly suppressing socialism in Europe ... On the present economic basis, ie, under capitalism, a United States of Europe would signify an organisation of reaction.” (On the slogan for a United States of Europe by VI Lenin, 23 August 1915).

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

List of Communist and Workers Parties in Europe

Party of Labour of Austria

Partei der Arbeit (PdA),

Communist Party of the Workers of Belarus

Tel: (+37517) 334-05-52

New Communist Party of Britain

Tel:(+44)207 2234052

Union of Communists in Bulgaria

Tel: 00359/888 745 091

Party of Bulgarian Communists

Tel: (+359)8961133, 898 322 455

Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia

Tel: (+ 385) 1 4835340 / 91 2219036

Communist Party in Denmark

Tel: (+45) 38882833

Pole of Communist Revival in France

Union of Revolutionary Communists of France


Communist Party of Macedonia

Tel: (+389) 23177248

Unified Communist Party of Georgia

Tel: (+995) 93 761363 / 32 546587

Communist Party of Greece

Web-page: ​
Tel:(+30) 210 2592111

Hungarian Workers' Party

Tel: (+361) 780-83-06

The Workers' Party of Ireland

Tel: (+3531) 8733 916

Communists People’s Left-Communist Party of Italy

Socialist Party of Latvia

Tel: (+371) 67555535

Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania

Tel: (+370) 52431070

Communist Party of Malta

Tel: (+356) 797305.

People’s Resistance Moldova

Tel: (+373) 022514195

Communist Party of Norway

Tel: (+4722) 716044

Communist Party of Poland

Tel: (+48) 228334288

Communist Workers' Party of Russia

Tel: (+7812) 2742772 / 2748073

Communist Party of Soviet Union

Tel: (+7495) 6844175

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

Tel: (+38111) 2425689 / (+38111) 2400628

Communist Party of Slovakia

Tel: (+4212) 44644101

Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Tel: (+34) 915329187

Communist Party of Sweden

Tel: (+468) 7358640

Communist Party, Turkey

Tel:  +90 549 4305011 

Union of Communists of Ukraine

Tel: (+38044)2906225