Tuesday, November 9, 2021

IMCWP: Solidarity with the CP of Cuba and the Cuban people

In a teleconference held on 5-6 November 2021, the Working Group of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties (IMCWP) issued the following statement of solidarity with Cuba:


 ¡No pasarán!

The Cuban Revolution, whose 62nd anniversary is approaching, is a milestone in the history of the class struggles. The Cuban people fighting for independence, equality, freedom and justice have achieved all the above under the banner of socialism and revolution. 

 Despite the grave consequences of years of imperialist blockade, the revolution has enabled the young generations of Cubans to fully enjoy the right to education, health, science, culture, art and sports, and live a dignified and honorable life in all its dimensions. Thousands of Cubans, acting under the guidance of internationalism, rushing to the aid of the poor and trying to heal the sick, have become the pride of humanity.

It is precisely for this reason that capitalist barbarism and its current stronghold, the USA, cannot tolerate the existence of such a country a few miles away from it. This is why it has not ceased to attack Cuba for decades. With the help of reactionary collaborators in the USA, all sorts of direct and indirect attacks were launched in an attempt to bring the Revolution to its knees. Despite the fact that it was defeated and its conspiracies were uncovered, the US government continued its attacks without the slightest shame. A country such as the USA, which cannot heal the wounds of its own people, where thousands of homeless cannot find shelter, where people experience power cuts for days, and where people of color continue to receive death threats, should not try to teach the world a "lesson in democracy".

The subversive actions of the counterrevolutionaries, the internal enemies of the revolution and their foreign supporters, are now continuing in a different form. Following the so-called protest demonstrations of 11 July, which turned out to be a plot against the state and its leadership, these elements have announced that they are preparing for another demonstration. 

We know the real intentions of the so-called protest demonstrations, which were planned for November 15. By these entirely US-sponsored actions, they seek to destabilize the country and thus pave the way for an intervention against the state. Neither the Cuban people nor the revolutionaries of the world will tolerate this plot.

As Communist and Workers’ Parties that form the Working Group of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties (IMCWP), we demand an immediate end to the US blockade against Cuba and express our internationalist solidarity with the CP of Cuba and the Cuban people.

We declare that we are against any kind of intervention, coup and sabotage attempts, or “soft coup” against Cuba. All those pursuing these goals should know that sooner or later they will fail. The Cuban people will never surrender, they will never allow the Revolution and the Socialist Republic they created with their sweat and blood to fall to the hands of reactionaries. Communists and friends of Cuba from all over the world will stand by the honorable people of this island.

In this connection we call on all Communist and Workers’ Parties to to take up the call of the Communist Party of Cuba fore solidarity actions on the 12-15 of November.

¡No pasarán!
¡Patria o Muerte!