Monday, November 8, 2021

October Revolution's 104th anniversary honored in Russia

Thousands of communists, workers, men and women of every age gathered on Sunday 7th of November in Moscow's Red Square to pay tribute to the 104th anniversary of the 1917 Great October Socialist Revolution.

Holding red flags the participants laid flowers to the Lenin Mausoleum, as well as to the memorial complex to Heroes of the Revolution at Kremlin's Necropolis. In his statement to journalists the Chairman of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) Gennady Zyuganov talked about the “major holiday for all the workers of world”, pointing out some of the Revolution's great achievements. 
In St. Petersburg (Leningrad), communists from various parties and groups organized a small rally at Lenin square in order to pay homage to the Revolution's architect and founder of the Soviet Union. However, police forces which arrived at the spot proceeded arbitrarily to the arrest of Rot Front's Secretary Viktor Tyulkin. After a few hours of detention at the police station Tyulkin was released.

It is reminded that the anniversary of the October Revolution, the most significant event of the 20th century, was used to be a national holiday in Russia until the mid-2000s when Vladimir Putin's government decided to abolish its celebration.