Friday, November 5, 2021

Greece: Significant victory for COSCO dockworkers!

After seven days of strike, the dockworkers of COSCO at Piraeus Port in Greece came victorious, as the employers were forced to accept most of their demands. The good news were announced yesterday, Thursday 4/11, during a rally held by Trade Unions in Athens. 

According to information, after negotiations of the Ministry of Shipping with Piraeus bodies and company executives, there was a framework to satisfy the demands of the employees, while COSCO accepted the application of shift and increase of the post from four to six people, in the composition health and safety committee, while abolishing the counter-shift.

The Union of COSCO workers (ENEDEP) expressed its satisfaction for the victory, thanking all the workers and unions who supported the struggle. The Union will continue the fight for collective labor contracts.

"With our organized struggle, the 7-day strike, and the solidarity expressed by the entire working class, we forced the company to accept most of our demands. Now we have gained experience, we have a strong trade union and we know how to wage the struggle", said ENEDEP president Marios Bekris during a rally with other trade unions in Piraeus. 

In a statement, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) hails the victory of the dockworkers, underlining that their struggle was a struggle for the working class as a whole.

It is reminded that the mobilizations of COSCO workers began after 46 year-old dockworker Dimitris Daglis was killed at pier 2 in Piraeus Port Container station when he was fatally hit by a crane bridge.