Saturday, July 20, 2019

45 years since the Turkish invasion in Cyprus - Statement by the Communist Party of Greece

The 20th of July marks the 45th anniversary since the invasion of the Turkish armed forces in Cyprus which led to the island's partition and the occupation of the 37% of Cyprus by Turkey

On this occasion, the Press Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) points out in a statement published on 902 portal:

"This year marks the 45th anniversary since the crime against the Cypriot people with the Turkish invasion and continuous occupation of the 37% of Cyprus, which was carried out with the blessings of NATO and the USA and while the way have been paved by the coup d' etat of the Greek Junta and EOKA 'B against the Cypriot government of Makarios. 

Today, the Cyprus problem, which has been inextricably linked with the fierce competitions for the control of the crucial geostrategic position in Southeastern Mediterranean, enters a very critical and dangerous phase.

The sharpening of Turkish provocation in the Cypriot EEZ, the contradictions for the control of mineral wealth and energy streams can not be addressed with the interventions of NATO, US and EU, which seek to impose dichotomous projects in Cyprus in  order to bind her to the chariot of NATO. 

The new government of New Democracy (ND), faithfully following the policy of the previous SYRIZA government, will lead in the US-NATO plans in the region, using the false and unhistorical argument that this policy safeguards the sovereign rights of Greece and Cyprus.

However, History is neither forgotten nor distorted. Those responsible for the Turkish invasion and continuing Turkish occuypation cannot consist factors of secuty and stability. Likewise, the capitalist exploitation and the competitions for Cyprus' natural wealth do not consist factors for a solution to the Cyprus Issue, but for further implications. 

The KKE opposes to "solutions" of - open or disguised - partition, which the Cypriot people themselves have rejected in the past. It firmly remains in solidarity with the struggle of the Cypriot people, against the occupation and puts forward the legitimate request for a single, independent Cyprus, one and not two states, with one single sovereignty, one citizenship and one international personality, free from foreign bases and troops, without foreign guarantors and patrons,with the Cypriot people truly dominant in their own country. This is the way that responds today's urgent problems and gives a perspective to the struggle of the Cypriot people, of all the peoples of the region".