Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Greek anti-imperialists slam ND government's recognition of Venezuelan coup leader Guaido

"God Bless America": Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis 
and US-puppet coup plotter Juan Guaido.
Fully aligned with the US and EU imperialist policy, Greece's newly-elected conservative government of New Democracy (ND) has officially recognized US-backed coup plotter Juan Guaido as Venezuela's "interim President". 

This decision of Kyriakos Mitsotakis' government has already been denounced by progressive and anti-imperialist forces as an act that makes Greece an accomplice in the dangerous imperialist US-EU plans in the region. 

"This act supports the dirty intervention of the USA, the EU and their allies in Venezuela and it is directed against the legally elected President of the country and against the Venezuelan people as a whole" points out, among other things, the statement of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE). [Read the statement here]

From its side, the Greek Committee for International Democratic Solidarity (EEDDA) "denounces the unacceptable act of New Democracy government to recognize Juan Guaido, the puppet of the US, EU and the reactionary governments of Latin America, as Venezuela's interim President". 

The statement of EEDDA also stresses out: "This act is covered behind the common position of the European Union, which had been voted by the previous government of SYRIZA, for Venezuela to be led to "free, fair and democratic presidential elections", so that the overthrow of the legally elected government of Nicolas Maduro will be accomplished through a "democratic way". Of course, the government of ND immediately received the gratitude of US' puppet Juaido, as well as credit by the US government through vice president Mike Pence and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo".

EEDDA "condemns the act of ND government against the people of Venezuela who is the only responsible one to determine how to tackle the serious political and economic problems that the country faces". The Committee expresses its "full solidarity to the people and the progressive forces of Venezuela in their struggle against foreign threats and interventions".

The fact that "the Greek government chooses to totally align itself with the US and EU imperialists" is stressed out in a statement issued by the Greek Solidarity Committee "Todos Somos Venezuela"

The Committee "Todos Somos Venezuela" underlines that it "condemns the recognition of the aspiring dictator Guaido by the Greek government which chooses to totally align itself with the US and EU imperialists who are orchestrating the imperialist intervention against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and with the most reactionary, fascist and coup-plotting sector of Venezuela's oligarchy". 

In the same statement, the "Todos Somos Venezuela" solidarity committee points out that "the recognition of the failed coup plotter-puppet by the Greek government consists a violation of sovereignty and independence of Venezuela and an insult against her people's will. Furthermore, it diplomatically involves our country in the imperialist plans of the USA, during a crucial and sensitive international diplomatic period". The statement adds that "the decision of the Greek government does not express any progressive friend of peace and independence in our country and the world" and demands the immediate revocation of the decision.