Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Μassacre in El-Obeid: Sudanese Communists condemn the crime and denounce the TMC

Following the new Massacre in Sudan's El-Obeid city, the Sudanese Communist Party issued the following statement: 
29 July 2019
  • The Sudanese CP demands immediate halt to all talks with the Transitional Military Council (TMC)
  • Opposition forces united in condemning the TMC Report on the June massacre
  • Mass demonstrations in the capital and other major cities
  • The masses call for immediate civilian rule
The past week witnessed very serious developments in Sudan. However, the massacre perpetrated by the army and the security forces today, Monday 29t July, in Al-Obeid city, where 8 people were cowardly shot, all in the head, and tens were injured has led to thousands of mass protesters taking to the streets in the capital and other major cities condemning this cold-blooded crime, demanding that the culprits be brought to justice and holding the Transitional Military Council (TMC) as sole responsible for this crime. Condemning the crime, it demanded an immediate halt to contacts with the TMC until all the culprits of the various massacres since 11 April 2019 are brought to justice. The Sudanese CP will hold a special press conference on Wednesday the 31st July.

- All the components of the Freedom and Change Alliance have condemned the crime.
- The demand for civilian rule was the one slogan repeated all over the country during the past few days. After the publication of the wish-wash report by the TMC sponsored committee on the 3rd of June crime. This demand of the demonstrators in all major cities is for civilian rule.
Fathi Alfadl, Secretary of Information.
Sudanese CP