Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Mitsotakis' government aims to continue the anti-people work of SYRIZA

Prime Minister-elect Kyriakos Mitsotakis.
"We know what we want, we know how to make it happen and we will achieve it," Greek Prime Minister-elect Kyriakos Mitsotakis said during his speech at the first cabinet meeting of his government. 

"I have not hidden my ambition for the government to function as a well-oiled machine" Mitsotakis pointed out, showing his intention to accelerate a number of anti-people reforms demanded by the capital. 

Commenting on the cabinet's first meeting, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) points out:

"The new - more technocratic - model of governance announced by Mr Mitsotakis does not consist any actual policy change, but promotes the acceleration and the more effective control in the anti-people work delivered by the previous SYRIZA government. 

Even the first interventions (on immigration policy, university asylum, etc) mark the mapping of the governance model to serve this policy. Towards this direction is the inclusion of the General Secretariat of Information to the Prime Minister, so that ERT and the other state-owned media will continue being, more effectively, a mouthpiece of each government."

The KKE statement concludes: "Of course, the first "formal sitting" of the cabinet could not exclude the reference to the strategic alliance between Greece and the USA, although in this field, like in others as well, the previous SYRIZA government has raised the bar too high". 

It must be noted that Prime Minister Mitsotakis had a 20-minute phone discussion with US Vice President Mike Pence and has received "congratulations" for his electoral victory by Venezuela's US-sponsored coup leader Juan Guaido